Everyone loves a good bargain. (Don't lie to me I know you do.) I also love surprise mail - and by 'surprise' I mean 'I ordered this ages ago and forgot' mail. It makes essay writing bearable. Over Easter, enough of the the things I had ordered arrived at my uni address for me to do a little post for you. You've probably seen a couple of the items pop up in posts already (or seen me squealing about them on twitter/instagram) so sorry if that's the case!!

These were all 'buy it now' purchases, so no stressing having to wait for the auction to end or seeing if I'd been outbid. With the exception of the Rocking Horse shoes, none of the items were above £5 including shipping - the sunglasses and purse were around £2 and the bag was £4. Quality wise, I'm super impressed, incredibly so with the shoes. I've wanted a pair for ages and finally found some for a reasonable price! You can see what they look like on here. The purse is another favourite, I needed a new one that wasn't a zip top, and this is a 3 section envelope closure style. The card slots are also brilliant, no trying to jam my plastic into things that are too small :D

Which item is your favourite? I'll have a part 2 coming up soon, which will be more apparel than accessories... ish, so keep your eyes peeled for that! What's the best purchase you've ever made from ebay - something totally surprising or just an extremely good bargain? Let me know!  

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