29 Apr 2015

Ebay Finds~

Everyone loves a good bargain. (Don't lie to me I know you do.) I also love surprise mail - and by 'surprise' I mean 'I ordered this ages ago and forgot' mail. It makes essay writing bearable. Over Easter, enough of the the things I had ordered arrived at my uni address for me to do a little post for you. You've probably seen a couple of the items pop up in posts already (or seen me squealing about them on twitter/instagram) so sorry if that's the case!!


27 Apr 2015


SCANDAL LIVE world tour HELLO WORLD o2 academy islington 2015
Tomomi  {I absolutely adore her stage outfit!!!}

It has been a while since I've shirked my responsibilities and run off to London to go and see a Japanese band play a gig. I did it many a time pre-uni, although 'many' suggests that it was a frequent occurrence and now I'm getting off track. Cliff Notes: I like a lot of Japanese rock bands, SCANDAL announced a 'World Tour' (which Included a London date!), a friend of a friend couldn't go so I went instead. Boom. 

SCANDAL, by the way, is a Japanese pop rock 4 piece girl band: Haruna, vocals, Mami, lead guitar, Tomomi, bass, and Rina on drums. They're all pretty damned adorable, even when they're rocking out on stage. They also have a pretty extensive discography which I highly suggest you go and check out. For a taste of their sound, here's their youtube.


21 Apr 2015

(review) yet another...

Lalalilo.com uk review fashion blogger uk
solid chiffon vest top & loose long sleeve sweater both c/o lalalilo.com

Mint cropped jumper. But now I have another mint cropped jumper and it's super cute, and can hang next to my Forever21 mint cropped jumper and they can talk about their minty-cropped jumper-y-ness. A chiffon vest top, however, was the perfect addition to my wardrobe what with us being blessed with so much sun at the moment. 

Not too long ago, the lovely people at lalalilo.com asked if I'd like to review some of their stock for you all, and, as evidenced by this post, I said that I would. I chose this Japanese style loose long sleeve sweatshirt in mint*, and the refreshing women solid chiffon vest top in red*. 

As lalalilo are a completely new name to me, I was interested to see how the experience would compare to that I had with Choies and Romwe, as they're all China-based companies that sell quite similar stock. 



19 Apr 2015

to dot-co-dot-uk


aka this is a bloglovin' filler post so they can link me up :D

Love at first sight

I've actually been super good at the whole 'not-going-into-shops-and-dropping-cash-then-and-there' thing, recently. That doesn't exactly stop me going into shops and instantly falling in love with some of the stuff available this season, though. It's tragic, but my finances have been allocated 'elsewhere' in the coming months (oooh exciting), and so there is not much for me to splash out without a pretty hefty discount. Doesn't stop a girl from wishing though, does it. 

spring wishlist || new look topshop river island


15 Apr 2015

Original gelato at Gelato Original

Gelato Original Sheffield review

New places excite me. Especially if said place serves amazing desserts - and more so still if they are inexpensive. 

Yup. Inexpensive, gorgeous puddings, bagels and drinks (also cocktails!!!!) that won't force you remortgage your house. That is the actual dream. As a student I could not imagine anything better. 

It's been a heinously long time since an addition to 'the food series' has been posted, but I think this more than makes up for that.  Crepes and ace gelato. In Sheffield. I don't think I've been so swoony over a place since Korea.


13 Apr 2015

Things students think on the run up to exams:

Things students think

1:  Why is everything other than revision SUDDENLY SO INTERESTING.

2:  What is the cut off for 'acceptable' in regards to how many days in a row you wear your pyjamas...

3:  I actually sort of understand this!

4:  Oh wait. No, no I don't.

Things students think


12 Apr 2015


Totally taking a leaf out of Chantel's blog and sharing my inspiration for spring with you all today (as she did here), because my mood has been so elevated by SUNSHINE and very little rain or cloudiness to speak of and I am feeling SO INSPIRED.

Caps are totally necessary.

I am that inspired.


9 Apr 2015

Bloggers Love Fashion Week

BLFW event review

Two weeks ago, I jumped on a train to London - awesome shoes and dslr in hand - for a day of catching up, coffee, city-type adventures and the BLFW event. The weather was surprisingly pleasant, clearly my blind optimism and wishful thinking decided not to set me up for disaster. 

I met up with Alice (She's Thunderstorms), who volunteered to be my daytime adventure crew, and later on we both went to find Carolin (Lunchbreak Adventures) to wander along to the venue, have a chat and experience the BLFW event.


5 Apr 2015

How to change your outlook on life

That's a bold title, isn't it? Changing your outlook on life, huh. Okay, you read, with skepticism, a slight slant towards that ever so minimal scoff. It's ok, I understand.

I was thinking most of yesterday, and today, too (which is the anniversary of a pretty major family event), that this time last year I was emerging from a terribly, terribly dark place. I'm not going to throw around the word 'depressed', because I wasn't formally diagnosed, and I think that the word is too heavy, but I was immensely sad a lot of the time. I'd still go out and do things that needed to be done, but I felt so incredibly, emotionally blank. 

Now, I've done a complete 180. I've been told by people that it's like I'm an entirely different person (I'm not), and my family are so relieved they have their daughter/sister/niece back. In a relatively short space of time, I've drastically changed how I view life, and good things have happened (and keep happening).  It's one of the best things I've ever ever ever done. 

I don't want this to sound super preachy, I do still have days where I'm a bit 'eh things could be better' but they are few and far between. Also, there are no real 'quick fixes' for this. It takes dedication and sometimes systematic elimination - but it's worth it in the end.  ♥


3 Apr 2015

The Orange Lip

This post had a variety of interesting titles before I decided that stating the obvious was the way to go. I've been sat doing nothing but essay writing and revision this Easter, I actually turned down chocolate

Dedication right there. 

I've also been listening to two three new-ish releases on repeat. And they are tragic examples of how trashy my taste in music can be, but they are actual jams and it somewhat depresses me how catchy they are. 

Anywho, product rundown of what is on my face!

1 Apr 2015

Life is too short for boring shoes

Best shoe picks 2015 uk blogger

I love a pair of plain black flats or boots or heels as much as the next person - I love shoeeeeees in general. But sometimes life is far too short for plain black or safe colours or sensible heels and fastening and designs. Too short, even, for cult classics, blogger faves and passing runway trends. 

I am a strong believer in the slightly odd and 'guaranteed to turn heads' vein of shoe design. [seen here and here/here] We all know how happy I was that the cleated sole and block/chunky heel hit the high street, because yes, want them all want them now, basically. So what else am I loving when it comes to shoes? What do I class as not boring?

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