photo by jiggy street

Rounding up more of my favourite looks (and hunting for friends) to share with you all! I'm absolutely loving the mixture of simplicity with really wild patterns, it's giving me so much inspiration... and a horrific urge to shop. 

I'm also ridiculously proud of the turnout on these first few days! DDP looks - for lack of a better word - swarmed with photographers and stylish people, it's amazing. Considering when I was there last year, DDP had just opened and the weekdays were a little lacklustre after a pretty packed weekend. We'll see what the turnout is tomorrow... 

As with all Fashion Weeks I (sadly) haven't attended, none of these photos are my own. I'm sharing a whole host of talent that I really, really, really recommend you check out!

A longstanding favourite of mine - I love the vibrancy, energy and movement captured in the photos.

(note to self: carry a carpet with me for LFW??)

I think this was actually the first k-fashion blog/magazine I followed?? Ever?? They also like to travel, seen them around at LFW and hope one day to bump into them in Paris or Milan too! 

a slightly more retro vibe with this photographer - whacking the contrast up to true grunge settings.

(I absolutely adore the layering here, bandeau over a cropped jumper - actual genius. )

I think you've probably noticed that I'm trying to include different photographers with each post - but seriously Seoul has so much photographic talent at the moment, I think sticking to my ultimate faves is a little silly the season. Sure I refresh certain blogs by the minute to see if they've updated, but I'm also having so much fun discovering new talent.

Which looks are your favourite - also I now feel the need to buy all the sunglasses?? Anyone else? 

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