Image by JHall Photography
Usually, Tuesday would be Last Call for Fashion Week attendees. Not this year in Seoul, however, as they get a season running Friday - Wednesday, the lucky ducks.

For this post, I'm especially loving the way twinning is a favoured practice in Korea, and mixing and matching items from an entire lookbook to deck your crew out in. Also the toned back simplicity of a jumper and jeans, or an everyday, practically 'school appropriate' look.

As with all the fashion weeks I do not attend, images are not my own. Please take a minute or ten to check out the amazing photographers and blogs that I have sourced the images from!

B Terrible

Is technically  an app. Technically. But they do have a brilliant photographer under their wing, and I do love their outfit commentary and their crisp, bright images. 

JHall Street - instagram | tumblr (warning for autoplay...)

I had the privilege to meet this photographer when I was with a friend in Dongdaemun last year, we were being fashionable and attracted a couple of street photographers that day - but this photographer stuck and I've been a follower ever since. The composition of his shots are so aesthetically pleasing. His instagram feed is a particular joy of mine to scroll. 


MLBKorea -

These guys are actually a store that specialises in sports-style clothes, but their blog features the products out and about on the streets of Seoul. They're running a 'culture project' this SFW season where they chat to those they spot in some of their gear or hand relevant items to for photo opportunites.


exassin - instagram

Stumbled on Exassin during my extensive naver searches to bring you the best of SFW... and what. A. Find. 

my style snap

There's something about these shots that I adore but can't quite put my finger on - how are they for you?

So with one more day to go there are more and more photos cropping up and narrowing down which to use is getting harder and harder. Seeing the models off duty is always a treat too - they're so lovely to work with, and will pull out all the stops for photographers to get good shots.

I wish that sort of fanservice (because that's what it is, really) was a thing in the western fashion weeks.

Which outfits are your favourites? Are you feeling inspired to jump into the spring season yet - I can't wait. I'm thinking perhaps of finding white knee highs and throwing on a patterned, oversized button-up...

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