I spend far too much time on instagram. It is my morning paper, my evening read, my lunchtime browsing. I can scroll for hours on end and not get bored. Ultimate procrastination. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

But despite my apparent need to get myself checked into insta-rehab ASAP, I can't see myself not being a bonafide insta-addict because of the amount of inspiration it gives me. Ideas for potential outfit shoots (I have a book filled with them), images taken with different lenses I want to try, shot composition, aesthetic, travel... the list is endless, really. So I thought I'd share a few of my favourite accounts with you today.

I've adored Diana's feed ever since we found each other during SFW FW14. Her style is cute and casual, dressy at times, though always classy - and her photo's are gorgeously clear. Aside from her outfits, her sunny outlook on life is something that really inspires me.

A more recent addition to my feed, but gosh I am so happy we connected on that twitter chat. I love looking at beautifully staged 'object' photos and boy does Katie do them well. I'm also such an advocate of the 'clean feed' - they look like a magazine, and I do so love to flip through the pages of a beautifully photographed glossy. 

luanna90: aka luanna @ le-happy

If you haven't heard or seen le-happy.com then I think some sort of congratulations is in order... because wow? Also... how?? A practical inspiration staple, I don't think anyone could not want Luanna's photo's in their feed. I think her city shots are possibly my favourite of her posts, but I do love a good ootd too. 

feralcreature: aka eugenie grey @ feralcreature.com

The short girl's guide on How to Be Tall, basically. I've been following Eugenie Grey for an age now; I love the way she puts together an outfit, and the way she stages a shoot. She's an inspiration to those of us who are reppin' the vertically challenged genome. Also, her hair.

I am a Korean Street Style phanatic, that is very well established, so it will come as no surprise that a large number of accounts I follow and love on instagram are orientated towards that. I follow a fair few street style/model accounts, and  Lee JaeDoo's is one that consistently has quirky shoots and gorgeous candid snaps. Photography ambitions right there. I love it. 

n.hyc: aka nicole @ n-hyc.com

I love Nicole's eye for snaps. Even if it's just the most simplest of things,  get a very satisfied feeling when I scroll through her feed. I especially love some of the angled shots, and anything that captures light in an interesting way. Her style shots are also pretty rad. 

There are tons more accounts that inspire me, but these are the few that I keep going back to if I'm feeling a creative rut looming. I definitely suggest going to check them allllll out!

What are some of your favourite instagram accounts? I love finding new people to follow, so link me up with ones that inspire you!

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