This post is inspired by one of my favourite tumblr blogs (possibly ever) - Things I Don't Understand And Definitely Am Not Going To Talk About - coupled with the realisation that I am 5 months away from turning 22, and there is still so much I don't understand. Those of you who are older than 22, I apologise - I am very aware that I have a lot of life to live yet, hopefully, and in that future time I will probably find the answers to a lot of these things. But I feel that there's so much that I probably should know and just... don't? To those of you who are younger - you can sympathise with me, right?

90% of this list is pretty lighthearted: 100% I genuinely do not understand. Help is appreciated.

21 Things I Don't Understand (and probably will feel the need to talk about):

1 - why (almost) everyone feels the need to ask me 'what are you going to do with that' when I tell them my degree

2 - chequebooks. 

3 - balancing chequebooks

4 - why my high school had to pick unnecessarily hard a-level syllabuses after piss easy gcse syllabuses. nothing ever matched up and gcse science is not science (unless it's triple. we didn't do triple)

5 - why the plural of syllabus can be considered syllabuses and syllabi. can we just agree syllabi sounds better?

6 - why american spelling consistently removes the 'u' in words (i.e. flavour, neighbour, colour). it needs to be there. it does.

7 - why people genuinely feel the need to comment negatively on other people's outfits or appearances because they don't fit 'norms'.

8 - why people genuinely feel the need to comment negatively 

9 - why people think that constructive criticism is a negative comment

10 - how people think that going to a new country with a view to stay long term and not learning the language past 'getting by' is an ok thing to do. it's not. it's kind of rude.

11 - taxes. this one scares me, too. 

12 - why the thing you actually want to be doing with your life whacks you in the face after a pretty hefty investment into something else

13 - why companies are so eager to have employees with degrees, then so reluctant to hire actual graduates

14 - why my degree costs £9,000 a year. 

15 - why student finance thinks the majority of students can live on around £3.5k a year. most of the time that doesn't even cover accommodation

16 - why peach green tea is so awesome

18 - why, even with the current movement to make people so much more aware of mental illness, people still lightly throw around words that describe incredibly debilitating situations

19 - 'your problem isn't as bad as my problem, so I'm going to one-up you' ... this mentality, what?

20 - why outsider wasn't crowned the fastest rapper in the world, just because he doesn't rap in english...

21 -  how 'payment = experience / exposure'  became a thing

If anyone has any answers or explanations I'd love to be enlightened! Is there anything you still don't understand (and probably should) - let me know and we can cry about it together. And by cry I mean write longer lists containing even more points...

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