30 Mar 2015

The most miniature haul

Mini Haul - 2015 little miss fii

I've not really given myself much chance to go out and spend money, recently, unless you count food and necessity pens (damn notes). But going to London presents an opportunity, which is very hard to ignore when you're confronted with conveniently placed stores.

Sigh, why do you do this to me Superdrug?

Regardless, I picked up a couple of things in what is probably the most miniature of 'hauls' known to blogging kind, and thought that I'd show them to you - considering it's the first time I've dabbled in sharpie-esque eyeliners and multicoloured primers.


28 Mar 2015

Seoul Fashion Week street style: Final faves

image by real street

So Seoul Fashion Week came to a close on Wednesday, but not without ending on some - to quote Bratz -  seriously stylin' outfits.  As with cosmetics, the Korean's seem to be striding ahead on the fashion frontier, and I've found it so hard to whittle down my favourite looks, but I persevered. 

As with all fashion weeks I have not attended, photo's are not my own, but please do check out all the photographers mentioned because they deserve the love and are ridiculously talented. :)


24 Mar 2015

Seoul Fashion Week FW15: Street Style

Image by JHall Photography
Usually, Tuesday would be Last Call for Fashion Week attendees. Not this year in Seoul, however, as they get a season running Friday - Wednesday, the lucky ducks.

For this post, I'm especially loving the way twinning is a favoured practice in Korea, and mixing and matching items from an entire lookbook to deck your crew out in. Also the toned back simplicity of a jumper and jeans, or an everyday, practically 'school appropriate' look.

As with all the fashion weeks I do not attend, images are not my own. Please take a minute or ten to check out the amazing photographers and blogs that I have sourced the images from!

23 Mar 2015

Seoul Fashion Week: Street Style

image by 817street
Seoul has, yet again, been blessed with the weather and the lighting (it's completely, utterly unfair that it's only rained once and DDP is so brilliantly glorious for sun and shade).  Naturally, this means that all the transitional outfits are out as Korean spring is kind of similar to early British Summer in temperature. As long as you're in the sun constantly and there isn't any wind. 

It's still chilly enough to appreciate the layering though, and boy do I love taking pointers from the way Korean's layer their patterns and prints and clashing colours - something that I wish I could do a lot better.

As with all fashion weeks I have not attended, the images are not my own - please do go and have a look at the work of the photographers I've included, they really are awesome,

22 Mar 2015

Seoul Fashion Week - Street Style

photo by jiggy street

Rounding up more of my favourite looks (and hunting for friends) to share with you all! I'm absolutely loving the mixture of simplicity with really wild patterns, it's giving me so much inspiration... and a horrific urge to shop. 

I'm also ridiculously proud of the turnout on these first few days! DDP looks - for lack of a better word - swarmed with photographers and stylish people, it's amazing. Considering when I was there last year, DDP had just opened and the weekdays were a little lacklustre after a pretty packed weekend. We'll see what the turnout is tomorrow... 

As with all Fashion Weeks I (sadly) haven't attended, none of these photos are my own. I'm sharing a whole host of talent that I really, really, really recommend you check out!


21 Mar 2015

SFW FW15: favourite street style looks

image by 817street

The only event I get major FOMO for - that's 'fear of missing out', beeteedubs -  is Seoul Fashion Week. Don't get me wrong, I love a good gander at the super stylish swanning around New York, Milan, Paris, other places on the continent/a little closer to home - but there is just something about the streets of Seoul that will keep me coming back.

It's an addiction, really. Someone fly me out for SS16? Please? [insert relevant pleading emoji]

So far, and we're only at day 2, this season has probably been the most extensively documented, and heavily attended one yet. Cue amazing fashion and a whole host of new photographers descending on DDP.

As with all my other 'just blogged' fashion week posts, images are not my own - all credit is given to the original photographers - please please please check them out if you're interested!


19 Mar 2015

Get to Fashion Week* | ad

So, Seoul Fashion Week AW15 starts tomorrow, and it got me thinking about how accessible these bi-annual style fests are to the everyday person - and the aspiring blogger. Sure, tickets are coveted, secretive, and shows are ... rather elitist to generalise - but it can be done. With the right mindset, attitude (both internally and externally), and enthusiasm, anyone can be rubbing shoulders with the fashion elite as models strut their stuff in designers' latest offerings.

Well, almost anyone.

Now, I'm by no means a fashion week veteran, but there are a few tips I can 'disclose' if you're wanting to get into shows at whatever week you're wishing to jet off to. Or even just take part if shows aren't your thing / seem thoroughly overwhelming. Obviously Paris and New York may have much stricter requirements than Tokyo or Sydney - but nothing is impossible.

So, to achieve ticketing dreams... what are my tips?


17 Mar 2015

Top 5 tips: Staying organised

If there's one thing that Uni, studying abroad, blogging and taking my first actual, real steps into adulthood has taught me, it is that you need to be organised. And that my old system of 'organised chaos' wasn't actually the best system for me. So this past year I've been taking small, gradual steps to be less of a mess and more of a put-together human, and I'm happy to say that it is working. And when things work I like to share - so here are a few things I do to keep organised :)


15 Mar 2015

What I'd Wear: Missguided New In

You know that feeling when you go into a store, or browse a website for the new season and you instantly want everything? Well. W e l l.  I don't think I've ever had such an intense bout of 'must have it all' as with Missguided's 'New In' offerings.

I'm talking serious wishlisting here (it's gone past the point of ridiculous).

But! I've done the seemingly impossible, and whittled  a list as long as my arm - and then some - down to 11 pieces that I think need to be in your spring wardrobe. And mine.


13 Mar 2015

Adidas Originals; 4 ways

uk fashion blog adidas originals styled 4 ways
adidas originals chile crew neck sweater c/o Get the Label 
I am that girl with the Jeremy Scott x Adidas trainers. Two pairs. And I am so very not sorry. I have a deep rooted love for Adidas Originals, probably from spending a decent chunk of the last two years in Korea, where the brand is treated as a prised fashion possession, not as something you'd see on the backs of those that identify as 'chav' (I think you'd be hard pressed to find that particular subculture in Korea, actually...). It's thrown on some of the hottest South Korean artists and it is desired. Though my affection could also come from my dad's hand-me-down, pretty much vintage now, original Original Adidas sweater that he gave to me nigh on six years ago. 

Regardless, I was so excited when Get the Label sent me these two jumpers, the dots crew neck sweatshirt* & the chile crew neck sweatshirt* - I was keen to see if the new Originals were as well made as my dads' old sweater (they are), plus Get the Label is a brilliant place to, well, get branded items at better prices. Clue is in the name, really. Great customer service and a brilliant range of products. I think I was the only one out of my friendship circle that hadn't shopped with them before... ace blogger, ey? 

Let me make it up to you... 2 jumpers, 4 ways to style. Sound fair?


11 Mar 2015

Instagram Inspiration

I spend far too much time on instagram. It is my morning paper, my evening read, my lunchtime browsing. I can scroll for hours on end and not get bored. Ultimate procrastination. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

But despite my apparent need to get myself checked into insta-rehab ASAP, I can't see myself not being a bonafide insta-addict because of the amount of inspiration it gives me. Ideas for potential outfit shoots (I have a book filled with them), images taken with different lenses I want to try, shot composition, aesthetic, travel... the list is endless, really. So I thought I'd share a few of my favourite accounts with you today.


9 Mar 2015

21 Things I Don't Understand

This post is inspired by one of my favourite tumblr blogs (possibly ever) - Things I Don't Understand And Definitely Am Not Going To Talk About - coupled with the realisation that I am 5 months away from turning 22, and there is still so much I don't understand. Those of you who are older than 22, I apologise - I am very aware that I have a lot of life to live yet, hopefully, and in that future time I will probably find the answers to a lot of these things. But I feel that there's so much that I probably should know and just... don't? To those of you who are younger - you can sympathise with me, right?

90% of this list is pretty lighthearted: 100% I genuinely do not understand. Help is appreciated.


8 Mar 2015

The Weekender: Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

It's time (for us in the UK, at least) to spoil our mothers absolutely rotten. Mother's Day is fast approaching - March 15th, don't forget - and I, for one, am not just settling for a card. However cute that card may be. But it is (and I am very, very aware of this), sometimes really hard to find a gift that will do the job. Slightly fitting that this post falls on International Womens Day too, really. 


6 Mar 2015

Pear & White Chocolate // Red Berry & White Chocolate Cookies

This week was the week of cookies. 36 of them, to be precise, of two different flavours because I am monumentally indecisive  - and asking on twitter provided an even split between the two. Red Berry/ White Chocolate and Pear/White Chocolate. 

The recipe is one I found and wrote down two years ago, so I can't link back to the original source, but I can tell you that it's incredibly simple and makes millie's style, soft-in-the-centre-crunchy-round-the-edges type cookies. 

Every batch.

(As long as you don't burn them...)


4 Mar 2015

March Wishlist

march wishlist

I blinked and it's March... so that calls for a wishlist, right?


2 Mar 2015

Bye Bye, Haters

sweater: romwe
jeans: new look
socks: primark

Ever had a piece of clothing that you get so much unplanned wear out of? This sweater is exactly that item for me. I picked it up in my Romwe haul, and, if you remember, was disappointed that it was a neoprene/scuba-type fabric. I never got my head around why having clothes made out of wetsuit material was (still is) such a fad, until now. 

I've been super warm all day on one of the most confused weather episodes we've had for a while. Blinding sunlight, gale force winds, and snow. Bye Bye, Neoprene haters, Fii is a convert. The weather is also why I'm taking 'arty' indoor photos... wind + tripod + expensive camera = dicy, and my parents would probably decapitate me if my camera broke. Also I'd probably cry. 

(Paired with my {new-ish} favourite high waisted, super skinny New Look jeans, and fetching pair of penguin socks. Gotta love a pair of penguin socks.)

Is there anything you've bought that you've had a ridiculous amount of wear out of, even though your initial thoughts weren't that you'd wear it a lot? 

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