With the start of London Fashion Week tomorrow, I've found that I've been spending more and more time looking at photos of street-style past for inspiration on what to wear in the run up. Which one is prone to do when they don't exactly know how to layer because they are very much a summer baby... 

I have plenty of mood boards and pinterest boards and icons that I'd say definitely play a part in influencing my personal style, and the looks I'll be wearing this LFW are going to be more true to that, rather than an over exaggeration that has a tendency to crop up around fashion week. 'Out-there' outfits are brilliant fun to photograph, but I've never been a truly out-there kind of girl. Twisting things up, maybe, and prone to adding a rather large dash of Korean, but not out-there out there. 

Also super high heels + cobbles + being on your feet all day = limited amounts of fun. Not that I don't love my heels (and wear them regularly).

outfit inspiration LFW FW15 | Little Miss Fii

outfit inspiration LFW FW15 | Little Miss Fii

Something that is creeping into my own wardrobe is pastels. Perfect for every season, in my eyes, as they can really brighten up a dark base look. I think I'm going to be playing with lengths and cuts this season too, testing the waters in a bid to stay warm. I haven't seen any snow forecast, but English weather does like to be surprising. 

In any case, all my outfits are packed and ready to go, I'm excited to jump into the fray with my new camera, and film a little bit of what I get up to, possibly. It'll be fun to see where everyone else attending is pulling their inspiration from as well, and have a chat to those I haven't seen since September. 

What are you inspired by, stylewise, for spring - or this year, even? Or just what have you been inspired by recently? Anyone else going to LFW, for that matter?? 

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