Since my last 'is it worth it?' review focusing on Choies went down quite well, I thought it'd only be fair if I tested out a couple of other companies that seem to pop up very frequently in the blogging circle. As you can probably tell from the title, today that sees Romwe in the firing line. All items were bought with my own money, so there is little incentive for me to be overly nice and cheery if I'm dissatisfied with anything.


As I'm sure we're all aware, Romwe has a very effective blogging affiliate program, which means they get heaps of exposure from the bloggers they send items to. I'd have no idea who this company even were if it weren't for bloggers and youtubers being sent clothes to review - so I guess that means everyone's job has been done. For those of us not receiving freebies, the website has brilliant introductory offers for new customers, and attractive item prices. I bought these with the '60% off for new customers' deal running at the time (no secret that I love a discount).

Getting my order to me, however, was a bit of an ordeal. The amount I spent qualified my items for free express shipping, which, according to the website, would arrive within two weeks at the upper parameters - maximum 7 days for processing, 7 days for shipping. Granted, I took these dates with a pinch of salt as Romwe is another China based company... but from past experience everything I've ordered from China has arrived within 15 days.

Oh Romwe.

My order remained in the 'processing' stage for 16 days - with no email from the company as to why this was so, and all the items I'd ordered were still in stock so I was a little confused. During this 16 days, I'd used the little button to alert for 'urgent shipping', and then sent two queries to the staff to ask about my parcel. My first query received no response, but the second I sent through the 'live chat' box and thankfully they were very helpful, if a little delayed in replying, and my parcel status changed to 'shipped' a day after they replied. It arrived on the 26th of January - about 10 days after I'd expected it to. This isn't by any accounts a terrible experience, just mildly frustrating, really.

Enough about shipping times, onto the clothes! I ordered 6 items: two coats, a scarf, a jumper/sweater, a skirt, and a ring. Each item came individually packaged within the main parcel, which is nice.

top:  Peach Print Flare Skirt // Letters Floral Print Ombre Sweatshirt
middle: Check Print Tassel Scarf
bottom: Zipper Embellished Fleece Military Coat // wave shape ring // Lapel Pockets woolen coat

First up is the fleece lined military coat in purple - although I'd actually say that in the flesh it's a very pretty lilac. The fleece inside is soft, and feels like it's a polyester material. The outer is a more heavy duty parka material, and I was actually surprised at the weightiness of the item. All the stitching is finished to a high standard and the applique patches show no signs of coming off any time soon. The fit on me is 'oversized' as I'm not the most substantial person around, but the drawstrings around the waist and the hem allow me to pull it to suit. 

The Lapel Pockets Woolen Coat was probably the item I was most excited for, and also the item I was most disappointed with. Mostly because the colour is an odd 'dull mint green', and the material is  'woolen polyester', but an inexpensive blend. I apologise for the creasing in the photos, but they were pretty set in, and I'm hoping a bit of time hanging will help them fall out. 

The coat is fully lined, and the pockets are deep (yay!) and also lined. It isn't actually button fastening, but small poppers sit behind the buttons for ease of fastening, I guess. Like the lilac coat, the fit is oversized on me, and the length comes to mid-thigh. Also the left front hem sits a little higher than it should for symmetry's sake. I think for this particular style of coat I should've seen what was available a little closer to home. 

Next is the Letters floral print Ombre Sweatshirt, which despite being described as 'cotton blend' is anything but. We're on scuba fabric street here, which is hinted in the photos, really, as the hems all have that telltale 'bubble' quality. The colouring of this sweater is definitely pretty, the ombre goes from a delicate blush pink (despite what my camera flash want's you to think) to somewhere around indigo at the collar. I've got to admit I added it to my basket purely for the slogan - bye bye haters, haters gonna hate - because why would you not?

My only qualms with this sweater, other than the scuba, is the exposed stitching along the tops of the shoulders and the collars topstitching. The rest of the seams are finished well, and I'm glad I decided to size up to medium, I think small would've been a tad too snug for my liking. 

I am very aware this looks like the ombre is from navy to white - trick of the natural light!

The Check Print Scarf is my favourite item out of this whole haul, and kind of the only reason I actually decided to spend any money at Romwe at all. It's a gorgeous brushed cotton, and the quality is much, much higher than I was expecting (I've seen similar scarves on street stalls in Korea of horrific quality). It's such a brilliant Burberry dupe - I'm going to get so much wear out of it. 

I absolutely adore this peach print flare skirt, it's made of a polyester/spandex blend that gives it a silken feel and a jersey like stretch. I was scared that the length would be a bit dangerous, but it sits very nicely and falls to just below mid-thigh. I was also worried that the material would be horribly see through, and was relieved to find that it wasn't - even held up to the light. Being freesize it's a little big around the waist for me, so it tends to sit just at the top of my hips. 

Finally, the wave shape ring in silver. There isn't really much to say about this other than it's just a smidgen too big for most of my fingers (I have tiny hands), and it's non-adjustable. I do like the design a lot, it reminds me of a heart trace - I'm really liking the minimalistic rings at the moment. 

All in all, do I think Romwe is worth it? 

I'm of mixed opinions. Once my order arrived I was pretty happy with most of the items, minimal disappointments in an order is certainly a good thing - but the fact that it took so long for my order to get to me, and without much correspondence from the company in response to my enquiries tips it into the 'meh' wasteland of companies. I've seen other people have horrific ordeals with the company, though I do think those cases are incredibly rare, so it's probably a bit of pot luck whether you receive your order within the specified limits if you're not part of their blogging program. That's just me theorising though. 

Quality wise, I was far more impressed with Choies than with Romwe, but it could just be the items I chose (although some of them are pretty pricey once you remove discounts and/or sale prices). I'm sitting on the fence on this one. I don't think they're a disreputable company at all, and I do genuinely love some of the items I've chosen, I just do't really see myself buying from Romwe in the immediate future. 

What do you think? Have you bought from Romwe before? Any horror stories, pleasant surprises, or just your opinions on these items? I'd love to hear!

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