coat: romwe
jumper: h&m | similar
skirt: asos
boots: doc martens clemency - white

Apologies for my general appearance, I've just got back from spending a few days up a mountain with my mum, and plane air is never kind to my skin, no matter how long the flight. Add that to the current frosty weather and, well, it's not a good mix.

I'm trying to build a solid outwear wardrobe to help inject a little bit of easy colour into my layering - the constant dark colours can get a bit monotonous. I love this coat from Romwe, it's not the heaviest despite it's looks, but the colour is so pretty. The h&m jumper has been in my wardrobe a while and is constantly in my winter wardrobe rotation. Not the most adventurous of outfits, but good for travelling.

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