28 Feb 2015

Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar Swatches&Review

If you read my last blush review, you'll know that I've only really been on #teamblush since 2014.  So the start of 2015 was obviously the best time to begin exploring palettes, as buying multiple single pans of blusher/highlighter/contour can get really expensive, and then committing to the shades that either 1) don't suit, or, 2) I just don't like, would be hard. Enter Makeup Revolution and the Golden Sugar Palette, fit for all your blush and contour needs. Isn't it pretty? 


26 Feb 2015

Stunning Sparkles from Souksy

SOUKSY JEWELLERY | little miss fii
Binky Rainbow Necklace c/o Souksy 

I love finding new shops to lust over - especially if they please my inner magpie. Jewellery for me has mostly been something that comes as an afterthought for an outfit, complementary pieces that don't really add anything special, per se, but are the finishing touches that round a look off.  Souksy  pieces though, bold, iridescent and beautiful, they demand an outfit be built around them.


19 Feb 2015

Outfit Inspiration: LFW FW15


With the start of London Fashion Week tomorrow, I've found that I've been spending more and more time looking at photos of street-style past for inspiration on what to wear in the run up. Which one is prone to do when they don't exactly know how to layer because they are very much a summer baby... 

I have plenty of mood boards and pinterest boards and icons that I'd say definitely play a part in influencing my personal style, and the looks I'll be wearing this LFW are going to be more true to that, rather than an over exaggeration that has a tendency to crop up around fashion week. 'Out-there' outfits are brilliant fun to photograph, but I've never been a truly out-there kind of girl. Twisting things up, maybe, and prone to adding a rather large dash of Korean, but not out-there out there. 

Also super high heels + cobbles + being on your feet all day = limited amounts of fun. Not that I don't love my heels (and wear them regularly).


17 Feb 2015

Makeup Revolution: Lips & Girl Panic Reviews/Swatches


I thought it was high time I did some swatchin' and reviewin' of the Makeup Revolution products I picked up here, now that I've had a chance to actually use them. In the run-up to making my initial purchase , I asked around for thoughts from friends and bloggers who had heard of, or used the brand, just so I knew what I was letting myself in for. I'm not the only one that does that, right? The recurring themes seemed to be: 'highly pigmented', 'easy to use' and 'surprisingly versatile'.  Strong claims there. Do I agree?

13 Feb 2015

Baking Adventures: Valentines Heart Cake

NO FAT valentine's day Heart Cake

Can't say it's my favourite holiday tomorrow - once you've endured peppero/pocky day, valentines day, and white day, it doesn't hold very much sentiment anymore - but for all those who don't want to spend money on store bought cakes and chocolate, I think I have just the thing for you.

Chocolate Heart cake, anyone?

(p.s. it has no fat! Which makes it a chiffon cake base, but don't worry it's not scary or hard!)


12 Feb 2015

50 Shades of No.

50 Shades of Grey, the movie, is released tomorrow and it's making me ill. 

Ok that may be a slight exaggeration, but honestly, I am not loving the fact that possibly one of the worst books around for condoning rape culture and manipulative relationships is being touted as a must see Valentine's Day movie. Or the fact it got turned into a movie at all, but hey, money.

Basically:  Yes, I'm boycotting.

But instead of just throwing that out there, I thought I'd go into a bit (or a lot) of detail about why the series written by E.L James is something that brings me out in hives, and makes me want to burn things. And why it definitely shouldn't be anywhere near the list of #relationshipGoals, or seen as an accurate insight into the world of BDSM relationships. I'm always up for a great discussion so I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this too.

[trigger warnings for talking about abusive relationships and rape]


11 Feb 2015

Fashion Week for First Timers

LFW for first timers

It's that time of year again. You know, probably not the best idea to be swanning around in spring pieces when there is still frost on the ground in the mornings, hot drinks clutched in manicured, perfectly accessorised hands, and the sound of shutters clicking rapidly to capture the best walking shot. Yup, Fashion Week is looming.

I'm by no means a 'fashion week pro' - my budget/schedule has never really allowed for New York, London, Milan, Paris then Tokyo/Sydney/Seoul twice a year, every year - but even for the handful of London season's (+Seoul) that I have attended, I've definitely shaken off that lost feeling that your first fashion week brings. Basically, I'm a lot more comfortable because I'm in tune to the FW flow. 

But if you've never experienced a fashion week before, it can be incredibly overwhelming - or even off putting - because of not knowing what to expect; most of the media coverage is about the clothes on show or the streetstyle.  Everyone just gets on with the mundane, behind the scenes stuff, and the rest of it is sort of universally assumed. Which is weird if you're trying to navigate it for the first time. 

So what is it like to attend a fashion week? 


9 Feb 2015

Haul: Makeup Revolution

Haul items in packaging

Haul items

I thought it was about time I saw for myself what all the fuss was about, to be honest. Unless you've been living under a rock, I'm sure you've seen or heard about Makeup Revolution, the newest 'budget' brand currently taking the beauty world by storm. And quite rightly so, by the looks of things. 

8 Feb 2015

5 Top Tips for problem skin

Ever had a day where you wake up and it seems that your skin just hates you?  If I had a pound for every time that's happened to me, I'd be a very rich girl indeed. *sigh*  I spent most of my teenage years trying to 'manage' my skin with loads of off-the-shelf products so that it'd be 'perfect', or even just more agreeable, and had very little success. It was frustrating and upsetting and I'm sure I'm not the only one here who's had that experience? It's just the absolute worst isn't it!

It's only really been within the last year and a half that I've seen drastic improvements in my own skin, but I thought I'd share a few of the things I do so that I have loads more good skin days, and save money from not buying products off the shelf to help. I've honestly been surprised at how easy a few of them are for the difference they've made. And when I have breakouts or my skin starts playing up, it's usually because I've been slacking on one of these - or, you know, the uncontrollable hormonal stuff.


4 Feb 2015

Is it worth it? Romwe: Clothes Review

Since my last 'is it worth it?' review focusing on Choies went down quite well, I thought it'd only be fair if I tested out a couple of other companies that seem to pop up very frequently in the blogging circle. As you can probably tell from the title, today that sees Romwe in the firing line. All items were bought with my own money, so there is little incentive for me to be overly nice and cheery if I'm dissatisfied with anything.


As I'm sure we're all aware, Romwe has a very effective blogging affiliate program, which means they get heaps of exposure from the bloggers they send items to. I'd have no idea who this company even were if it weren't for bloggers and youtubers being sent clothes to review - so I guess that means everyone's job has been done. For those of us not receiving freebies, the website has brilliant introductory offers for new customers, and attractive item prices. I bought these with the '60% off for new customers' deal running at the time (no secret that I love a discount).

Getting my order to me, however, was a bit of an ordeal. The amount I spent qualified my items for free express shipping, which, according to the website, would arrive within two weeks at the upper parameters - maximum 7 days for processing, 7 days for shipping. Granted, I took these dates with a pinch of salt as Romwe is another China based company... but from past experience everything I've ordered from China has arrived within 15 days.

Oh Romwe.


2 Feb 2015

Student Eats: 7 student kitchen staples

Food shopping when you're not used to it can be such a daunting experience. Suddenly you're the one making decisions about what goes into your basket and you're the one paying for it at the checkout. Unless you're in catered accommodation, you become the master of your own health after the 'food shop' at the beginning of each term your parents do for you is used up - or gone off - which is a scary prospect.

I know that food shopping in general is very individual, everyone has different likes, dislikes and dietary requirements, but there are some kitchen staples that should make it into your basket at least a few times a term, or sit ready for use in your fridge/freezer/cupboards. Sure having the ability to buy and eat a whole chocolate cake is the sign of true power, but it's (probably) not going to sustain you for long. 

My kitchen staples are probably incredibly obvious, and will probably cause you all to roll your eyes and go 'awh Fii, I knew that!', but believe me when I say that the minute you step foot in a supermarket with the mission to buy a weeks worth of food, it will be slightly overwhelming. Especially when you start taking notice of how much food costs. 


1 Feb 2015

The weekender #2

Wow today was cold. Cold in the 'bitterly nipping wind and I definitely did not wear a thick enough jumper for this' sense of cold. Not even my Korean shearling coat made for korean winter cold could save me. So I feel like a bit of an ice cube but I've had such a wonderful weekend.

First up, I finished all of my exams for this semester! Score!! And hopefully, they went as well as I feel they did, and considering the amount of work I've put in this term it would be nice. Now I have a week free before the start of next term to sleep. Or do things I've been putting off in favour of revision, like navigating my camera settings or actually going outside for a reason other than necessity. I think I'm going to start a couple of the projects I've had in mind.
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