There are times when, as a student, the healthy option just isn't a thing. Too expensive, too time consuming, too much hassle when there are exams and all you want to do is sleep or cram or cry. It's so much easier to bang a pizza, or a bunch of chicken dippers in the oven with some chips, add ketchup and call it a day. I know. I've been there. 

The pizza and the processed food may taste awesome, but it's not doing your brain or your health any favours. (Scurvy, anyone?) I'll stop preaching now, because I'm not your parental figure, but eating right can also help sort out your skin, make your hair all pretty, give you nice nails, and, mixed with regular exercise gives you a great body. So really, if you want to stop spending so much on quick-fixes and lots of chemicals... it's a bit of a no-brainer. 

It doesn't have to be expensive either. Making meals from scratch is sometimes way less expensive than buying takeaway, or a lunchtime meal deal. This is all stuff you already know, but the rewarding feeling of making something yourself, that tastes ace, is great - it's also great when your parents stop nagging you about your uni diet. 

So today I'm sharing a ridiculously easy 3 ingredient anytime fix, that takes less time than it has to write the wordy part of this post. Toasted bagels with avocado and spinach. Costs under £1 to make too (if we're being pedantic it's 66p, based on current Tesco prices), which is only a little bit more than something from the basic range :: angel emoji ::

If you don't like spinach, avocado or bagels, then this is not the one for you, and I'm sorry - maybe next week will bring something you'd like to try. If you do however, then all the skills you really need for this is artful placement and avocado cutting.

- toast your bagel. I am sans toaster so had to use an oven. 
- while your bagel is toasting, destone, peel and slice your avocado
- if your spinach is from frozen, bang it in the microwave without water until it's defrosted 
- take your toasted bagels out of the oven and add a little bit of butter
- layer on your avocado
- (optional) pop the bagel + avocado under the grill to toast the avocado a little
- take out and artfully arrange your spinach
- you can eat now, or toast again until the spinach is how you want it to be.

And that's it. So easy, and more interesting than just a bagel on it's own, It's also a really good way to increase or simply add spinach into your diet!

I hope your blue monday hasn't been too bad, and that this week will be good for you!

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