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Such a cliche, I know. All this '2015 please be good to me/treat me kindly' business. I do love the optimism the new year brings, though. It's the start of something, a blank page in my daily organiser, a beginning where I think of all the amazing things I want to do and craft all the crazy plans to get there. The mentality that I can do things. It's nice.

So this year, my resolutions aren't necessarily ultimate goals, more a sense of where I want to be come December 31st 2015. I'd love to be less scared, not of stuff like spiders, but of doing things that will place me out of my comfort zone. In tandem with that I'd really, really like to say yes to more opportunities, and actually follow through with them, since I tend to psych myself out of doing things a lot. Most importantly, I really just want to be the best version of myself that I can be this year. I want to help people where I can, while still being able to do things for me. I want to learn to care less about what people think of me in a sense - like being brave and wearing what I want to wear, and doing things that I want to do. I want to be able to indulge in my creative side this year. You know, those sort of things.

Above all, I want to be happier this year. 2014 was intense in so many ways. It was amazing in parts, but others were so hard to deal with and for a time, at least, I was stranded in an incredibly dark place. My happiness is going to be much more important this year. 

I'm also going to make Little Miss Fii a large part of what I'm proud of this year - it's something that I appreciate immensely, connecting with other bloggers and you readers and those who blog and read and all of that. I'm so excited. It's an amazing community to be a part of, and I'm glad that I took the plunge last year to create my own little space where I share what I'm interested in with you guys. 

Bit of a dumb question possibly, but are you excited for 2015?  What are you looking forwards to this year? It's only the first day of this year and I already have a couple of things lined up that I am buzzing for.