29 Jan 2015

Hot Couture

Want to know a secret? My favourite week in the whole year to not attend is Paris Couture. Ok so that isn't really much of a secret, but Couture Week is this week (ends today, sadly) and now that I'm on the home straight, exam wise, I thought I'd treat myself with a little peek at what is happening on the continent. All the frill and frou-frou and Dior's stage set. Lagerfeld.  Even if you're not much of a couture connoisseur, the pictures are stunning.  


28 Jan 2015

Transitional Wishlist

Even though I'm not actually considering spending more money on my wardrobe, there are a few key transitional pieces I have my eye on as I hope for spring to make an appearance. The weather today has been crazy, and I think a warm spell is long overdue, so I've been snooping on my revision breaks at what's on offer for the new season. 

Transitional Wishlist

ASOS: clear box clutch with winking eyes - £30 \\ 2 H&M: biker pants - £24.99 \\ 3 H&M: lyocell shirt - £24.99  \\ 4 Weekday: Pinstripe blouse - £35 \\ 5 Zara: two-tone wrap jacket - £45.99 \\ 6 G-Star: denim jumpsuit - £119 \\ 7 H&M: jumpsuit - £29.99 \\ 8 Zara: printed front pleat dress with pocket - £59.99 

This clutch bag is so adorable, not entirely sure if I'm okay with it being clear, but pouches are available to keep valuables discreet, so it rectifies that issue. It'd be a really fun way to jazz up any outfit.  I am looking for new jeans or trousers (eternally) and H&M do fairly decent ones, so I might pop in and try these on, a good biker pant is useful in a wardrobe.  Oversized shirts are the true lazy morning attire, and a really cool way to smarten up some joggers, or wear for a more casual work vibe. I'm in love with the jacket, and the jumpsuit from G-Star I spotted before the sale early December, I need it. The h&m version is cute and slouchy, for the ultimate casual street wear. The print on the Zara dress is divine - although I'm not sure on the cut for me.

The general consensus from most places is that SS15 will see boxy silhouettes, the return of the 'oversized' (yesss), jumpsuits, tassels/fringing, and a step towards the bohemian. I'm not going to mention bell bottoms, if I don't talk about it then maybe it won't actually catch on and people won't have a 70's revival. Looks like it'll be an interesting and fairly eclectic mix, and androgyny is on the rise. I'm excited. Can the rain and snow stop now please? 

What are you looking forwards to for next season? Seen anything you like, or are you just totally fed up with the current weather like me? I am absolutely in love with the Zara wrap jacket - I know the colours aren't especially adventurous, but I haven't invested in the blanket/cape trend of last year yet, so I think it would be a pretty good place to start!

Hope you've all had an amazing week so far!



26 Jan 2015

'Unconventional' fashion I ♥

Everyone has those little secret style crushes that they absolutely adore yet would probably never wear for many reasons. I have them. A lot. Mostly on the unconventional side of things. But instead of just leaving them in the state of fashion crushes because I am far too scared to go whole hog, I like to try and incorporate little accents when I dress myself or do my makeup sometimes, a little proverbial hat-tip to my unconventional side.

So today I wanted to share these slightly unconventional fashion styles that I love, which definitely shows the extremes my wardrobe sometimes has to put up with - my heart is caught somewhere between wanting to be a fairy princess and a hell child. 


25 Jan 2015

The Weekender

1 exam down 2 to go, and, apart from marathoning gossip girl in my revision breaks and rekindling my need to live on the upper east side, I have pretty much done nothing other than revise. Which is good, because the weather has been equal parts freezing, icy, snowy and wet. Who would want to go outside in that? It's also good because from these exams and onwards, everything I do academically now counts towards my degree. So yeah. Doing well is so important to me it's meant I've fallen off the social radar quite significantly, and almost everyday seems to be a pyjama or loungewear day. I would say oops but ...

I've also been pretty 'pinterested' these past few days, building up boards like nobody's business - things like this only seem to happen around exams, and since I couldn't go on a mad cleaning spree because my room is pretty orderly at the moment, pinterest was my weapon of choice. It's somewhat therapeutic. If you want to take a look then go here - if not, no hard feelings. 

How have you guys been this week/weekend? Really sorry that there hasn't been much interesting content these past few days, building blogging into my revision schedule hasn't been as easy as I thought... I desperately need a Dorota.  Or just, no exams...

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20 Jan 2015

ASOS haul

Revision boredom made me do it. Sort of. I do love the massive discounts that happen in the post-Christmas/New Year period. In the last half of 2014 I really didn't spend much, so I allowed myself some treats once the sales came round. Half as a reward for being good in first semester, and half as an incentive to myself to revise over the holidays. Overall, I picked up 11 pieces from ASOS for just over £60 - which works out at around £5.60ish an item... which reminds me so much of cheap Korean shopping ahhh.

Hopefully alll of the stuff here should be popping up in a couple of projects I have planned once exams have effed off. Because they are seriously draining my energy/general will to live right now. *grumble grumble*

I also apologise for the ... somewhat stark difference in photo settings. I made 2 orders, which means 2 parcels, but made the orders at different times and sent the first one to my uni address - silly me. So one set is partly photographed at my parents, the other at uni..


19 Jan 2015

student eats: spinach & avocado bagels

There are times when, as a student, the healthy option just isn't a thing. Too expensive, too time consuming, too much hassle when there are exams and all you want to do is sleep or cram or cry. It's so much easier to bang a pizza, or a bunch of chicken dippers in the oven with some chips, add ketchup and call it a day. I know. I've been there. 

The pizza and the processed food may taste awesome, but it's not doing your brain or your health any favours. (Scurvy, anyone?) I'll stop preaching now, because I'm not your parental figure, but eating right can also help sort out your skin, make your hair all pretty, give you nice nails, and, mixed with regular exercise gives you a great body. So really, if you want to stop spending so much on quick-fixes and lots of chemicals... it's a bit of a no-brainer. 

It doesn't have to be expensive either. Making meals from scratch is sometimes way less expensive than buying takeaway, or a lunchtime meal deal. This is all stuff you already know, but the rewarding feeling of making something yourself, that tastes ace, is great - it's also great when your parents stop nagging you about your uni diet. 

So today I'm sharing a ridiculously easy 3 ingredient anytime fix, that takes less time than it has to write the wordy part of this post. Toasted bagels with avocado and spinach. Costs under £1 to make too (if we're being pedantic it's 66p, based on current Tesco prices), which is only a little bit more than something from the basic range :: angel emoji ::


15 Jan 2015

The Importance of Voting

Something a little bit different today - that I think is probably a bit of a touchy subject in the UK generally, let alone the blogosphere. But political attachments aside, this is an issue that is really important, regardless of what country you are in. Actually voting is just as important as having the right to do so. And I think it's something that needs to be talked about a lot more by those who have given themselves a soapbox (read: blog) to yell from. I'm not saying divulge who you're voting for, but perhaps talk about why you're voting. Politics (still) isn't a big part of the curriculum at pre-university stage, so when we get our first chance to vote, we are horrifically uneducated about political parties, what they stand for, and why voting is important.

I'm not a Politics student at university (despite what some of my module choices this year might claim...) and I'm definitely not going to tell you who to vote for, because that's up to you. I'd like to take this space to tell you why I'm (going) to vote, an why it's important to stay sort-of tapped in politically, because these guys who seem like they're majorly out of touch with the rest of us (not disputing that), run the country. 

So yeah. Grab a cuppa and have a read?


13 Jan 2015

Current Beauty Wishlist

Despite the fact I am being good and saving, rather than spending at the moment, not lusting after things simply does not happen. I wouldn't say I was massively materialistic, but boredom shopping/browsing is a thing that happens in my life - so I can end up with pretty extensive wishlists of products... Usually, they aren't exactly beauty related, since that totally isn't my focus, but today they are.

Jan beauty wishlist

Benefit Dandelion pink perk me up face powder / Garnier micellar cleansing water / Pantene proV overnight nourishing spray for fine hair / Pantene expert collection advance keratin repair 2min restorative masque Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Oil / Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection 301 flat contour brush / Real Techniques Powder brush / Boujois Paris Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer 

Let's take a moment to just appreciate the beauty  of the new RT brushes, shall we? I don't have enough brushes in my collection, as I've only recently started buying them within the past few months but holy hell they are pretty. And relatively affordable.

The other things I'm wishing for a quite dull, generally. I need to try out the micellar water thing, since my skin hates 90% of makeup removers, and if that doesn't work then it's time to invest, methinks. Skincare is important. Hair care too - with mine getting the chop tomorrow I might pop down into boots and get a few things to boost moisture/nourishment/all that goodness. My hair needs it.

How's your week been so far, lovelies? Got anything to look forwards to?

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11 Jan 2015

Hair Inspiration

It's got to that time of... year(?) or stage, I guess, where my current hairstyle feels tired and annoys me no end, it's up more than it's down and the ends are all ratty. Basically a mess, which isn't great by any standards and it's making me feel meh about styling. I just do not like it right now. Sad times.

I love the idea of having gorgeously thick long hair, but ehhh I'm pretty sure genetically that skipped me and blessed my younger sister - although my tendency to use heat styling doesn't help. (I'm cutting down!) This past year I've been trying to inject some more moisture into my haircare routine - nourishing shampoos, hot oil treatments, not lathering the tips with shampoo, argan oil - but I think the best thing for it now is to just chop off the dead ends and start relatively afresh. As it stands right now, my hair is halfway down my back, and I'm looking at a long bob (lob) for my new cut. It's a really versatile cut, and since I am not a 'short hair don't care' kinda gal (short hair is very much an issue I care about - I do not especially suit pixie cuts), then it's ace for me.  Also buzzfeed says it is the hairstyle for me too. Well then.

So I took to pinterest, tumblr and the general internet to get some inspiration for the sort of lob I want (why is there so much choice?) and future styling ideas (I'm going to have to practice patience).


10 Jan 2015

Here come the ... boys.

The London Collections: Men started yesterday (or Thursday night things kicked off, rather) and I would give various body parts to be anywhere near London right now, or have the time to slack off for a few days to take the new camera out for a spin. And by spin, I mean 800 photos, judging by my past Fashion Week attendance history. You know that one of my greatest pleasures in life is well dressed boys, so I couldn't very well pass up the opportunity to talk about one of the most prestigious events in the men's fashion calendar.

I'm not crying that much.

(I am.)

Spanning 4 days, there will be 37 presentations and 32 catwalk shows at the 3 London locations, showcasing the best of British (and a bit of extra) talent. I'm most excited for Alexander McQueen, Coach, and JW Anderson, because, um, Alexander McQueen, duh - always will be iconic, no matter who is at the head now - and JW Anderson is interesting. Blurring the lines between womenswear and menswear is so much more fun to see than a lot of others.  Ultimately though, my heart lies with the versatile street style of the attendees. And the models backstage.

**as with all fashion weeks I don't attend, photos are not my own. **


8 Jan 2015

My Top 5 Exam Tips

I have two weeks until my first exam, and in the midst of revising/memorising dates and names and a whole lot of information about contemporary Japan/Japan's politics, Chinese cities and trying not to procrastinate on asos too much, Following on from my revision tips post, I thought I'd share a couple of my favourite 'exam tips'. Even if I'm guilty of not always following them. Exams are a stressful time, even the smallest things can help.


5 Jan 2015

Is it worth it? Choies: shoe review

seen choies around and not sure what to expect? I debunk them for you - with my own cash, no sponsored/gifted items here!

There are clothing companies you see popping up a lot around the blogosphere, you know the ones, attractive prices for on-trend pieces, the cult faves for the more 'alternatively' fashion minded (take that as you will). Romwe, Sheinside, OASAP, etc. - they look after the blogger collective very well, which is great since there are benefits to both sides, but it does raise the question as a consumer, when I'm spending my own money, if these sites are really worth buying from. Which, in super simple terms: is the quality of stuff from these sites a bit iffy, and would I be better off just saving my money for a spending spree in River Island or New Look?

You can tell I've got my (uni) student hat on when the first words that come to mind are null hypothesis, and I'm debating whether or not I need to gather statistical evidence to support my evaluations - but I am testing my own musings here with Choies as the site of choice. Everything in this post I've purchased myself - so it's time to be brutally honest.


2 Jan 2015

Baking Adventures: Chocolate cake

The 2nd of January is my little sisters' birthday. and since my mum and dad are generally super busy during the day - even though her birthday this year falls on a Bank Holiday weekend, the task of birthday cake making fell to me, providing another baking adventure.

The recipe I used was the classic Chocolate Victoria Sponge by Dr. Oetker. I was a touch liberal with the cocoa powder, rich chocolate cakes are always a winner in my household, but the standard recipe produces a gorgeous cake.


1 Jan 2015

2015: Page 1

page 1 of 365
image credit: metalhearted @ tumblr

Such a cliche, I know. All this '2015 please be good to me/treat me kindly' business. I do love the optimism the new year brings, though. It's the start of something, a blank page in my daily organiser, a beginning where I think of all the amazing things I want to do and craft all the crazy plans to get there. The mentality that I can do things. It's nice.

So this year, my resolutions aren't necessarily ultimate goals, more a sense of where I want to be come December 31st 2015. I'd love to be less scared, not of stuff like spiders, but of doing things that will place me out of my comfort zone. In tandem with that I'd really, really like to say yes to more opportunities, and actually follow through with them, since I tend to psych myself out of doing things a lot. Most importantly, I really just want to be the best version of myself that I can be this year. I want to help people where I can, while still being able to do things for me. I want to learn to care less about what people think of me in a sense - like being brave and wearing what I want to wear, and doing things that I want to do. I want to be able to indulge in my creative side this year. You know, those sort of things.

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