2 Dec 2014

Fairisle (ootd)

jumper: missguided
dress: ebay \ similar
boots: new look
scarf: was a christmas gift last year

I'm really sorry that my last two ootd posts haven't actually had me... wearing the outfit. I'll get that sorted for my next one, promise. Anyway, if that jumper looks familiar, you are right, I picked it up last month and am loving it. Pastel farisle patterning is how I want all my christmas jumpers. 

The dress, however, I got on ebay over 2 years ago now, and have worn exactly once before this. Mostly because I never had an occasion to, but now I am trying to think about not needing an occasion. and wearing things because I want to wear them. It's a much better mindset. The dress is a little sheer though, so I wore it with a longline vest underneath, for modesty's sake. I also can't find the exact style on ebay anymore (it has been 2 years...) but here's a similar one. I also seem to have these patent Chelsea boots permanently attached to my feet at the minute, Can't be a bad thing, they're ace. 

What were you wearing today?

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  1. I love that jumper!!! I also like how you've set it out rather than wearing it�� lovely, lovely blog!!X

    1. It's honestly such a gorgeously soft knit, I highly recommend it :D
      Awwh thank you~


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