13 Dec 2014

Dear UK coffee chains,

image from: japan food style
We need to have a little chat, coffee shops of the United Kingdom. Don't worry it's nothing serious, just...

I'm lamenting the fact that I have used my very last sachet of green tea latte powder I brought back with me  from Korea. Why, you ask? Because it's not a thing in here in England.

Especially not Starbucks.

Why, coffee chains of the United Kingdom, must you deprive me of the steamed soy-milky, matcha-y goodness of a green tea latte. I'd even be prepared to pay premium prices to feed this addiction that a 13 month stint the other side of the world has given me. Honest.

I wouldn't even moan.

Well. I wouldn't moan much, which is a great concession on my part! I moan about everything!

Even if it's just a seasonal drink - a red-cup christmas drink with too much whipped cream, or a summer drink with ice cubes so cold you freeze your hands - you'd make many of us with the craving for matcha ridiculously happy on a disgustingly extreme temperatured day.

So as I swirl my mug of green goodness in front of my laptop, my notes and the x-factor final, I do so with great sadness and the knowledge that if I want more to satisfy the cravings, I'll have to wait a good few weeks, suffer through elevated prices and possible import/food charges.

Thanks for not a lot, coffee shops of the UK.


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  1. Try a tea shop? I definitely agree though, I wish matcha was a more common drink in the UK. I try and make my own matcha at home, but it never taste as good as the ones made at the other side of the world!

    Olivia x
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    1. I shall! I know of two that serve green tea lattes in London, but that would be a veeeeery expensive drink for me - it's so rare to find any the further north you go. Hopefully it'll creep in like bubble tea did.

      Do you have any recipe recommendations? I think I'm going to have to try some!

      Fii x

  2. Sounds like you're in love with that drink! Although I'm not a green tea/matcha fan, that does look good! Now I'm curious!


    1. I was warned before I went to South Korea that I would be addicted, since I really love green tea, and wow those people were so right.
      It's a bit weird, not to everyone's taste, but is definitely worth a try!

  3. Matchaaa. I'm a huge fan of it. A coffee shop near my school serves mean green tea latte and it really took a dip into my wallet this semester... But how could I resist! Good luck on finding a cafe that fits your needs. x

    1. Oh you're really lucky! Once you have one, if you like it, you're hooked - or at least that's how it goes in my experience!

      Thank you! x


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