31 Oct 2014

October 'Haul'

Considering the end of October is, well, today, I don't really think anything else is going to magically appear in my possession other than what I've already purchased this month. So this is probably the tiniest haul in the history of the word... but I'm going to share it with you anyway. I went to superdrug and boots, which is one of my favourite things to do at this time of year, seeing as they have 3 for 2 on so much. It makes buying annoyingly expensive things a lot less painful.


27 Oct 2014

Baking Adventures: Matcha scones

I've always wanted to make green tea flavoured things, I love the taste of it, and having something that is naturally coloured is always a bit of a crowd pleaser. So when my flatmate put 3 packs of matcha powder on the kitchen counter this morning upon my return from London, I was thrilled.

Pinterest, of course, throws up many a pretty picture to accompany the matcha/green tea powder recipes, so picking what to bake was hard. Initially, my flatmate wanted a swiss roll style cake (pandan chiffon cake, if you will), but we didn't have all the ingredients to hand (you can possibly expect one to turn up soon...), so we decided that scones were a better option. As you do.


24 Oct 2014

Seoul Fashion Week SS15

photo by RealStreet - edited by me for post purposes

The second installment of some of my favourite street fashion shots from  Seoul Fashion Week SS15. It's a combination of days 1 through 5, featuring some of my absolute favourite models.

There's something about the fashion-conscious Koreans that is so effortless. I never used to believe people when they said they could 'instantly pinpoint a person's nationality from their outfit'. Fashion seemed far to fluid to me for that to be a thing, and yet, now, I'm seeing it.

***As with my last Seoul Fashion Week SS15 post, none of these photos are mine, all photographers are credited where I can, and no copyright infringement is intended.***


22 Oct 2014

K-Cosmetic Favourites: The Sheet Mask

When it comes to facemasks, there are two camps -- the supporters and the skeptics. For me it depends on the claims, the price, and whether or not I'm feeling particularly swayable. I'm talking the clay-type masks here. The little sachets or tubes that come with the liquid you smear all over your face and get all over your hands, those masks.

And then I went to Korea and was confronted with an entirely different phenomenon: the Sheet Mask.

And then I've never really looked back since.

I've also decided that I definitely have favourites, and I want to share them with you. :D


19 Oct 2014

Seoul Fashion Week SS15

photo by Sean O'dell  -- edited for post purposes by me

I am not jealous. Don't be silly!! I'm not. I'm honestly not spending hours on my instafeed, double-tapping all the sfw photos I come across. Shush. You're being absurd. 90% of my tumblr dashboard isn't photos of the pretty, pretty models dressed in pretty, pretty clothes, and I totally haven't tried to find every behind-the-scenes photo from the First Ever 87mm show.



I'm simply admiring all the photos. (Lies, so many lies.) But if anyone is offering to fly me out to Seoul for two days (or next season) I'd be on that plane so fast you wouldn't even be able to say Fii. There's something about Seoul's fashion week that I am so in love with it is painful to not be there.

So today I am bringing you some of my absolute favourite street style posts (so far) from the brilliant photographers that I'm having to live through vicariously. And also possibly introduce you to a few people you should definitely follow.

***none of the photos featured in this post are mine - all photographers are credited and no copyright infringement is intended. I simply want to share some stunning photography***


18 Oct 2014

Alexander Wang x H&M

Oh dear me. I've known about this collection happening for ages, (read: April),  it feels like I've been waiting for the collection to drop for literally my whole entire life  (major exaggeration), because I am a shameless Alexander Wang fangirl. Shameless. One day, when I'm not a poor, unemployed student, I'll be able to actually buy the shoes and the bags and the RTW collection... one day. 

So yes. the collection doesn't physically become available in stores for another three-ish weeks (November 6th, if you want to stick that in your diary), But I've taken a look at the at the lookbook that was showcased the other day, as well as the capsule collection in full, and well. Well. I can safely say that it blew all my expectations out of the water.

In a bad way.


13 Oct 2014

Current Loves~

I've missed the favourites boat for september (it seems odd if you're talking about things you loved in the last month a third into the new one... just me? Okay then), but this post wouldn't really fit into a ~monthly favourites~ type thing, seeing as I've been pretty attached to a lot of what I mention for a good while. I just... currently love them still? Am a tad bit addicted, to say the least.

I do love it when bloggers talk about things they love, especially if they're not things that they mention often, or where they get their inspiration from. It's a great thing to relate to, and I tend to find a lot of new things when I read posts that don't require me to spend money. Or a lot of things I bookmark for future reference, like DIY's, organisational tips, or seasonal posts that are so, totally not relevant when I find them, but will come in handy in the future.

So this post is really an amalgamation of a bunch of my favourite youtubers, blogs, tumblrs, miscellaneous random things, and sources of inspiration (which doesn't include weheartit) because I'm in a share-y mood, it's been raining all day, and I like reading these posts when I find them.  ^w^


11 Oct 2014

Autumn Outfit Inspiration

We're settling quite firmly into the autumnal season. Crunchy leaves, colder nights, the threat of Halloween (and then Christmas) on the horizon as shops add the sparkly stuff far too early. All the new American TV series start airing...

I really like autumn as a season, although my skin certainly doesn't. And, despite my wardrobe being certainly more prepared for the warmer months, autumn is actually one of my favourite seasons to dress for. So below the cut I've put together 3 outfits that I think would be really nice to wear during the months of autumn.


8 Oct 2014

Sushi Express: Sheffield

I am a lover of sushi. Well, Japanese food in general, really. And, luckily enough for me, Sheffield has 3 restaurants that sell sushi in the city centre, and those at Meadowhall, which is great. Lots and lots of choice.

Although my firm favourite is Sushi Express. It's also, completely coincidentally (although not at all) where I went for a meal yesterday, after not dining there for over a year. Oh how I missed you, Sushi Express.

It's a bit tucked away, if you're well versed in Sheffield nightlife, it's quite close to DQ and Corporation, if you're not, then it's about five minutes past Devonshire Green. The location is actually quite nice, it takes you away from the noise of the trams, general traffic and people noise, but close enough to West Street so if you fancy a drink afterwards, you don't have to walk very far. The staff are attentive and really accommodating, and the restaurant itself is really pretty, in a kind of minimalistic style. They refurbished when I was away in Korea, so last night was the first time for me seeing the new layout - and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed.


3 Oct 2014

September Haul! (dropdead, primark, boots, superdrug)

I don't really do enough shopping in one go to warrant doing individual retailer hauls, since I'm trying to save the majority of what I earn have (someone employ meeee!!!!) and feed myself each month (#studentproblems), so I think monthly roundup hauls are the way to go. I'll probably be eating my words in three months time but hey. Things that were added to my life in September are what you want to see, not me rambling away.

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