29 Sep 2014

LFW Day 3 - Street Style

Day 3 was David Koma, Vivian Westwood Red Label, Preen, Pringle, and of course, the Topshop Unique show. It was also the day after Shrimps and Julien Madonald - all those dresses - so the street style around the venues was definitely on point. Fashionistas pulling inspiration from the two days of shows prior, to put together some absolutely fabulously fabulous outfits.

Yes fabulously fabulous is the only way to describe them.

There were only two Day 3 shows at Somerset House, which is where I spent most of the day (apart from a few hours spent at Oxford Circus for window shopping), and being a sleepy Sunday, there weren't an awful lot of people in the morning. But once we returned to watch the David Koma show on the big screens, so did a lot of others.

As with all my fashion week posts, warning for image-heavy content.

26 Sep 2014

MOTD: mint orange (#castmemarc)

#castmemarc .

He's doing another twitter/instagram casting. No really. So I might as well take part.  I like taking opportunities, even if there is an incredibly slim chance that I'll get chosen from the hundreds of thousands of stunningly beautiful people in both the instagram and twitter tags. But trying doesn't hurt. It's one of those things in life when you need to just stick your neck out there and, well, upload a selfie to instagram and hashtag.


21 Sep 2014

LFW Day 2 - street style

Nope, you haven't missed a post, my LFW 'Day 1' was 'Day 2' for everyone else. I was in London for the first day, but despite travelling down to the city relatively early, I was absolutely shattered by the time I got the keys for the flat and was definitely not in the mood for going anywhere other than Victoria Station to pick up Matilda. Ok ramble over. Photo time.

Usual warnings apply for my fashion week posts, they're all ridiculously image heavy, but hey, that means lots of pretty photos to stare at! All photos were taken by me (those that aren't are to follow).


19 Sep 2014

The Food Series: Mexican Food - Sheffield

I'm always up for finding new places anywhere, and I really enjoy sharing the good places that I've found, as you can probably tell. There are so many great places to explore all over the world, and while it isn't exactly my mission to find every single one, I can at least bring you a couple of my favourites. *cat face emoji* So if you're ever up Sheffield way, and are having a craving for Mexican food, I've got you covered with this post.


18 Sep 2014

Chat time, the pre-LFW post.

I'm back from London Fashion Week, and pretty permanently in Sheffield for the foreseeable future (although plans are already being made to travel soon...), which is nice. I feel a bit more grounded now, safe in the knowledge that I'm not going to unpack, only to have to fill up a suitcase again in a week or two. I love travelling, but sometimes you need to take a break, you know?

This weekend, obviously, was London Fashion Week. If you've managed to somehow miss that memo, then I think some congratulations are in order. I mean, it's been in practically every UK newspaper. It's paraded all over London with banners and posters with 'London Fashion Week Exclusives' in that oh-so bold font type. So if you have somehow avoided it, I'm sorry for bringing it to your attention now. Sort of. Not really.


8 Sep 2014

That time I ended up on Real Street Seoul (OOTD)

I think one of the greatest honours for me so far has been to end up on the naver blog Real Street. (This entry, more specifically.) It's a really nice feeling to be stopped anywhere and asked for photographs, to have people complement your outfit. *big smileeeeeeee*


4 Sep 2014

#tbt: Seoul Fashion Week

With London Fashion Week in 8 days (really, is it really next week???), I thought I'd have a bit of a #throwbackthursday and take another look at things that went down fashion-wise at Seoul's, with a couple of my favourite street style shots. And in the next post a little look at a few of my favourite Korean brands?

(You may have seen a couple of these photos before on my blog but hey this time I'm actually writing about them!)

Fair warning that this post is also very image heavy!

1 Sep 2014

Guided Journals: Super Fun or Waste of Money?

If you follow me on instagram, you'll have seen that my most recent purchase was the ever-brilliantly titled 'F*ck I'm In my Twenties'. It's a 'guided' journal by Emma Koenig, published by Chronicle Books that follows on the current almost-trend of 'interactive books'.

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