21 Aug 2014

How to deal with 'coming home'

So I'm back in England. Welcomed by rain and temperatures of an 'amicable' 17 degrees celsius (that's cold, thank you very much), plane delays and the transpennine express. It's nice, being back in a country where I don't have any communication problems (other than people telling me to 'talk louder'), but it still feels like I've left something behind or like my right arm is missing. The 'home from a year abroad' feeling. That odd 'displacement'.

It's kind of like 'post-concert/festival/holiday depression', but so much more intense. It can also be really difficult to deal with - talking to a lot of students that have studied abroad has shown me that - but there are ways that you can lessen the blow from 'crippling emotional turmoil' to 'an easy transition between countries'.


14 Aug 2014

SaengSaeng Donkasu (Edae)

Sat in the same price range as Han's Deli, SaengSaeng Donkasu is another restaurant I'd recommend for those who want to eat out, but eat out on a budget. It's located towards the lower end of the Edae shopping street (the one with all the makeup stores), opposite Nature Republic and on the 2nd floor. It's doesn't have the most stand-out of signs, but that doesn't mean it isn't good.

In fact, it's rather more a hidden gem.


11 Aug 2014

Bingsu at 'The Snow' - sinsadong

You can't keep me away from Sinsa for long, it seems (22 days, to be exact), nor can you keep me away from one of my favourite summertime treats. Even when it's chucking it down with rain. But bingsu is a calling and I cannot ignore...

The Snow is a chain store that sells frozen desserts and cold drinks, you can find other branches in places like Hyehwa - and I think there is still one in Hongdae, though I could be wrong there. Anyway, the price range is quite reasonable: 8000won for a standard bowl, 14,000won for a large. And the flavours on offer look ace.


8 Aug 2014

Studying Abroad 5: Posting Stuff Home (+ receiving mail!)

How to post parcels abroad in korea

For those who don't know, I am irrationally terrified of doing new things by myself. And by new things, I mean kind of important things, like going to the post office. It's irrational, I know, but I just flail about like an awkward thing and get really panicky that things won't work out well and the end result is psyching myself out of doing it.

Which is why I had days left in South Korea and still had three boxes of stuff that really needed to be posted. Just chillin' in my room. Awesome.

Thankfully, I put my big-girl shorts on and decided that enough was enough and that I really needed to post them home. And it turns out that Post Offices are not that scary in South Korea. Who knew.

Alternatively, this can be called 'That time when Fii lugged a 10.5 kilo box to the post office by herself'. Fun times? No, no it was not. No fun was had on that journey. But I was relieved that the heaviest box had vanished and since then I've learned a couple of things about packing and weight management and What Not To Do when carrying heavy things. Like: Don't.


6 Aug 2014

Han's Deli (all branches)

I blogged a lot about the places that I went to eat at in Sinsa the last time I was in Korea, which is great, but not the most budget friendly. So for the 13 days I am over here this time, while I navigate myself through work, I thought I'd share a couple of cheaper eats from all over Seoul. And the first place on that list is Han's Deli.


4 Aug 2014

What's on my iPod

For the past week I have been travelling a lot. Long haul flights, long car journeys, the odd long walk - ok that doesn't count as travelling, but still - and with more to come over the next few weeks, (I'm stepping on a plane today, actually) the one thing that is keeping me sane is my iPod. It's not because I don't like social interaction, it's just that sometimes sticking my headphones in, cranking up the volume and figuring out the soundtrack to my life sounds a whole lot more appealing.

But this post isn't about my life soundtrack. Partly because that's a continuous work in progress, but mostly because I wanted to share some of the things on my iPod with you, via the medium of a blog post, because sharing music is fun and they do say that you can tell a lot about a person from their shoes taste in music.

So what is on my iPod?


2 Aug 2014

Back to...

There are a lot of things in my life it seems I am going 'back to'. Seoul, shoes, my life in England, healthy eating, my internet connection... Ahhh internet... I got an email in my inbox earlier today from UCAS asking me if I was ready to go back to Uni. August has just started!! I don't have to think about uni and coursework and essays and, urgh, deadlines until at least September!

I think my favouite 'back to' thing has got to be back to cooking. I've moaned and whined countless times about how I wish I could've cooked more for myself in Korea  - resorting to eating out all the time, while cheaper than the UK, costs mount up - and being able to do so back in England on a more student-friendly budget is so niceeeeee. Plus I have an ace new kitchen in the flat. (If you follow me on twitter, you'll know a lot of cakes happened last week - oops!)

Another thing I've really been a fan of back to school/uni wise is the lovely youtube community's influx of back-to-school videos. They're popping up more and more in my subscription box, and the DIY ideas and organisational tips are things that I'm going to (hopefully!) stick to this year. Gotta be more organised in my 3rd year of uni. Yeah.

I now have to dash off to go and get a US to UK plug adapter for my camera charger... I'll leave you with a couple of my favourite back-to-school videos :) Everything from clothes to DIY's! I'd love to know what you're coming 'back to' in  the comments, or share some of your own tips to help me be more organised!

if the embed doesn't work here's a link to the playlist!

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