29 Jul 2014

Internet depenence woes / update

I'm not a massive fan of using my phone to write posts, autocorrect likes to remove letters and predictive text can make for some pretty hilarous sentences, but mostly I can't make my posts look pretty, which makes me kind of sad. The sky delivery person needs to hurry up and deliver my internet connection asap! (even though the line isn't going to get switched on till August 4th....)

So what's been going on in my life recently?  I moved to my new flat in Sheffield for the next uni year (hence the reason I have no inernet other than my phone); met friends I haven't seen for a year; made far too many cakes than I can physically consume by myself; and planned out a bunch of blogposts. Organised is now my middle name... Hopefully this streak sticks and becomes a trait.

Other things that are happening soon: I'm flying back to Korea for 'work related' things(excited beyond belief t b h) on the 4th of August; more blog posts; a peek at my uni shoe collection; back to school/university essentials and other various bits and pieces. Are you excited? I'm excited. So so excited.

What's happening in your life at the moment? I'd love to hear ~~

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  1. yoyoyo i nominated you for a liebster award! my post'll be up tomorrow but i'm telling ya now as i'm working when it's posted (and commenting on a phone is a PAIN)

    p.s. still very excited to see your shoes

    1. <3
      thank you lovely~~ (and oh yes doing anything blog related on your phone is a nightmare I'm SO GLAD I HAVE MY INTERNET BACK)

      my shoes are very excited to see you ~

  2. So, you wrote this post through your phone? I understand how frustrating that could be. Good thing you were able to get your internet connection back soon after. Cheers!

    Clara Brooks @ Telco World


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