29 Jul 2014

Internet depenence woes / update

I'm not a massive fan of using my phone to write posts, autocorrect likes to remove letters and predictive text can make for some pretty hilarous sentences, but mostly I can't make my posts look pretty, which makes me kind of sad. The sky delivery person needs to hurry up and deliver my internet connection asap! (even though the line isn't going to get switched on till August 4th....)

So what's been going on in my life recently?  I moved to my new flat in Sheffield for the next uni year (hence the reason I have no inernet other than my phone); met friends I haven't seen for a year; made far too many cakes than I can physically consume by myself; and planned out a bunch of blogposts. Organised is now my middle name... Hopefully this streak sticks and becomes a trait.

Other things that are happening soon: I'm flying back to Korea for 'work related' things(excited beyond belief t b h) on the 4th of August; more blog posts; a peek at my uni shoe collection; back to school/university essentials and other various bits and pieces. Are you excited? I'm excited. So so excited.

What's happening in your life at the moment? I'd love to hear ~~

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22 Jul 2014

3 Berry Good ways to have summer fruits

I'm back in England and it's only rained twice. I think that's some sort of achievement, weatherwise. I'm also half unpacked from Korea - hey it's only been 6 days! - and half packed to move up to my new flat in Sheffield tomorrow. Kinda. I've just been majorly distracted by the wonder that is fresh fruit.

More specifically, fresh fruit of the summer variety. 

South Korea is a bit awkward for those who come from a country where fruit and veg is fairly cheap, and you can get pretty much anything all year round. This is generally because fruit and veg in South Korea, especially out of seasons fruit and veg, is a lot more expensive, and when you have other things to worry about, eating out is so much easier, that 5 a day kinda dwindles.

But luckily enough for me, living in my parents house for a week has meant that I have as much fresh fruit as I want they buy, so I can indulge in my current craving, and share my favourite three, super easy ways to eat summer fruits with you lovely readers. :)


20 Jul 2014

Ice Cream at Remicone

Soft-serve ice cream is such a big thing in Korea. If you go to any touristy-type place (especially Myeongdong) there are multiple street-side vendors with snaking queues of customers on one side, and people happily snapping photos of their sky-high cold treats on the other. Yes, I've been on both sides, they really do make towers of those ice creams. And if you don't fancy ice cream from the street, you can always pop into one of the various shops dedicated to frozen desserts, like Baskin Robbins. Or Remicone!

I've seen photos of the stuff Remicone creates all over instagram, and, being a child that enjoys fashionable things and frozen treats, I had to give it a try.


19 Jul 2014

14 Random Questions Tag

Is it tag season, or something? Haha, regardless, I spotted this tag over on Noor's blog (Queen of Jetlags - it's awesome, she's lovely, take a read) and thought that it was a really cute get-to-know-me type tag so thought I'd give it a go. I also really want to do a bunch of other tags too like the 'British' Tag, but ehhh

Below the cut are my answer to 14 random questions, if you want to know a bit more about me than is in my 'about', give it a click! :)


17 Jul 2014

10 Reasons why you should study abroad.

This is probably going to be a really soppy post. Spending a year of your life on the other side of the world, so far removed from your family, friends and general support network teaches you a thing or two about life - and you get attached (so, so attached) to people, things and places in your new location. It's an amazing experience and one that I feel has definitely changed and probably shaped me as a person. I've definitely matured since last July, I've endured a lot, suffered through a lot, achieved a lot, and generally become happier and more confident in myself. Which are great reasons to go and study abroad, if you ask me. (Ok not the suffering part but still.)  And they're not just the only reasons either, there are so, so many, that it was hard to choose, but I've compiled a list of 10 of the best reasons why you should study abroad.


11 Jul 2014

Churro101 - Better than a boyfriend?

Better than a boyfriend? Brand marketing at its finest, if you ask me. And well, Churro 101 does ask me a pretty important question. Do I want to be sweet? Hell yeah I do, I do indeed.

Well then, better get some Churros.


10 Jul 2014

The Original Pancake House - Seoul

Guess who was really, really excited when they discovered that Seoul had an Original Pancake House. Go on, guess. Guess.

Me, obviously.

I love pancakes. Shrove Tuesday (Pancake day, in England), didn't really happen for me this year, what with raw ingredients being ridiculously expensive and the fact that February wasn't really an 'ace month for me' in the grand scheme of things - there wasn't really a lot of time to indulge in making a ridiculous amount of batter and seeing who could flip pancakes with a (mostly) melted spatula and not stick them to the roof of the flat. Sad Times.


(aka take me here for my birthday breakfast, I demand you to) 


9 Jul 2014

White-out wishlist

All-white outfits just look effortlessly stylish, period. I guess it's in the same way that all-black outfits do, but more fit for summer, and white items match so easily with other colours - pastels for that complete-summer vibe; vibrant prints can be toned down; darks for a more autumnal feel; blacks for that monochromatic tres-chic look. So versatile.

Since I'm a hoarder of white tops - crops, basics, vests, slouchy, fitted, oversized, you name it, probably got one - I am woefully understocked in the white-bottoms department. No seriously, I have one skirt that is really more cream than white, a pair of three-quarter length leggings and some ancient capris. And that is it. It's tragic.

It's also sort of like the SS14 trends have smiled on me this year, hearing my cries of despair as I see all the cute, all-white coordinates on other people - not in my wardrobe (#shopaholicproblems) - and provided me with a variety of jeans, shorts and skirts to choose from. So I've compiled a list of my favourites to share with you!


8 Jul 2014

The Food Series: Honourable mentions (Garosugil)

Separate posts for each of these places would've been a little bit pointless, since 2 of the 4 are of the fried chicken variety, one was ace beyond expectation (and sort of removed my fear of going into new places) and one really wasn't a 'quick-fix' since we ended up waiting about 40 minutes for food, but in fairness 90% of their menu was alcohol...

All the restaurants are located in the Garosugil area, as per (I am trying to eat everywhere here, in case you couldn't tell ahaha), and are Fairly Close Together in the grand layout of Seoul. So click below for some Honorable Mentions to The Food Series, or just laugh at some utter disasters.


6 Jul 2014

Cropped Out (ootd)

Sunglasses: Forever21
crop top: Queen's Street
Jeans: Forever21
Shoes: Edae market

It's a known fact that I have an undying need for crop tops... to the point where I've even slashed up tees because they look so much better half the length. (more on that later). This one from Queen's street is probably in my favourite tops ever, it's a bit big for me, but what can you do with Korean free-size. 

You can see another outfit featuring this crop in an OOTN look with disco pants



4 Jul 2014

Studying Abroad 4: Getting your Alien Registration Card

header for study abroad 4: ARC rundown

Ahhhhhh, I was going  to talk about the visa extension process and other Visa additions in South Korea, but then I realised I hadn't even gone through the absolutely fabulous and fun adventure time that is Acquiring the Alien Registration Card. Basically that thing that identifies you as Really F*king Foreign (in case your face didn't make that obvious enough), and is a requirement to keep on your person at all times.

It's also really useful to use as Valid Identification when clubbing so you don't have to bring your passport! (Which can be really embarrassing if it's in a cute passport holder, like mine.)

But yes, the process that is getting your Alien Registration Card - if this is something that will, at any point, apply to you, you may want to clicky-clicky.


2 Jul 2014

July Wishlist

header for july wishlist on little miss fii

I'm in denial that it's July. July means heat and humidity and rain (like right now), and the very small, still kind-of looming fact that July is the month I Return To England. Cue crying and wailing and a bunch of 'Nooooooo's' and 'I don't wanna's'. Sob. But what is the best thing to do when you are in denial?

Browse the internet for things you want to buy, obviously.

So I went to the websites of a couple of my favourite stores (boohoo, romwe, forever21, choies, missguided) and a couple that I've wanted to check out because of seeing them in peoples youtube/blog hauls (oasap, sheinside), and compiled a list of things I'd like - if I had unlimited amounts of money. Sigh.

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