22 Jun 2014

Jane's Picky Pizza/Cafe - garosugil

janes picky pizza/cafe garosugil

Without a doubt, one of my absolute favourite (to the point where I actually feel the need to italicise - it's that much a favourite) places to eat and chill is Janes Picky Pizza. Or Janes Picky Cafe... in all the 'tagged places' it's Picky Pizza, but the sign says cafe and welp now this is rambling. Anywho, I really, really, really enjoy this tiny little cafe tucked away from the main garosugil street. The atmosphere is good, the staff are really friendly and accommodating, the music isn't too loud and the food is awesome.

A w e s o m e.

I've been gradually getting used to the fact that Korea seems to think tomato sauce shouldn't be put anywhere near a pizza base, much to my displeasure, and the fact that Korea also seems to think all bread-type substances need to be somewhat sweet... but Janes Picky Pizza doesn't!! They also serve cider - as in, real cider that is alcohol made from apples not Korean cider aka lemonade!!!! At affordable prices!!!! More exclamation marks and generally squeaky noises!!!!!

In all honesty though, if you are in South Korea, around garosugil (Coffee Bean/Mango/Forever21 end, not SchoolFood/Missha/Subway end), do try out this place. I absolutely adore places like this, and when the food tastes as good as it photographs, you can't go wrong.

janes picky pizza/cafe garosugil

The 'Of course we're going to order the cafe's namesake dish + Lasagna&Lemonade because why the hell not' round:

janes picky pizza/cafe garosugil

janes picky pizza/cafe garosugil

janes picky pizza/cafe garosugil

The 'Bingsu/Cider' round:

janes picky pizza/cafe garosugil

 Since the bestie does not like mango, we went for the 'Picky Bingsu' option which I DEFINITELY DO NOT SUGGEST YOU TRY IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO NUTS. Not that I am, but just in case any of you are. Mango is probably a safer bet because the nuts were a surprise. They probably wouldn't've been a surprise if I'd've actually read the menu, but hey. Crunchy.



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