29 Jun 2014

Public House+ - Garosugil

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The start of today was Not Good. Not in the sense that I was feeling the after-effects of weekend-consumed alcohol and too little sleep (honest I wasn't, I promise~), more in the sense that Things Happened and it left me in a rather awkward situation and a very frustrated mood. And obviously the best way to relieve that sort of mood is to go to the pretty places and eat food. Obviously.

Sinsa was the place of choice, naturally, but then the problems with where/what to eat arose. See, I am notoriously indecisive when it comes to food, and add that to an irrational dislike of actually trying new places even though I really really want to... makes for a lot of frustration on the part of whoever I'm getting food with. (Sorry in advance if you ever meet me and we go for food...) Thankfully, if you can call two people having that trait at all thankful, Matilda has pretty much exactly the same mindset, so we end up wandering around places for ages until one of us goes 'ah f*ck it let's just try here'. And those places are generally The Best.

Ok I think that's a long-winded enough intro into how we ended up at Public House+ in Garosugil. Not to be confused with Public House. Nope. This restaurant is in the basement. There was a little bit of menu coercing involved by the staff as we stood, indecisive as ever, by the menu outside, tossing back 'but do we really want to eat here' 'what do you think?' 'I don't mind's back and forth. In the end, we did say yes, and the staff happily took us downstairs into the restaurant and made us feel really welcome. It was lovely.


Clubbing In Seoul: Club Etiquette

Disclaimer: I'm not writing this in an 'I'm telling you how to act and this is the only way that's right' kind of way - I'm writing this in a 'Please don't be a dick' kind of way. Because being a dick is just... well it's dickish.

So yeah... bit of a controversial post today, sometimes it just needs to be said though (a little tongue-in-cheek).

Korea, as a country, is still wary of foreigners. If you take a look at the country's history, you can see why. And however backwards this may seem to those of us hailing from the very globalised west, it means that many Koreans group all of us who are very obviously foreign into one category - which means, as an expat, exchange student or holiday maker, you're not just representing you or your country, you're representing all of us. Which kind of make the whole 'don't be a dick' thing that bit more important. If it wouldn't go down well in your home country, it's definitely not going to be appreciated in Korea.

Clubbing in Seoul is not like clubbing in America (never been, but friends have told me it's wildly different), it's certainly not the same as England, or any European country I've had the pleasure to party in. And as such, you kind of pick up on the fact that certain mannerisms of clubbing in the west don't really run well with clubbing in Korea. Well unless you're in Itaewon or certain areas of Hongdae. So aside from the general, universal unwritten rules of clubbing (aka common sense), Korean clubs have a couple of extra's that you might want to know before you step foot inside.


26 Jun 2014

Burger B : Hongdae

Stepping out to the exact opposite side of Seoul than my usual haunts for this one. (And actually just a stones throw away from where I actually live, but that is, for the most part, irrelevant.) I've been to Burger B in Hongdae a couple of times now, at various points during the day, and it's safe to say that if there's one place I recommend you go in Hongdae for some good old western-style food, it's here. Partly because they do really good food, partly because their menu is a newspaper.

Most of the staff here are both Korean and English speaking, and the majority of the dish titles are in english, so you won't have too many problems ordering if you don't speak Korean. Though the descriptions are all in hangeul, so you might have to do a little bit of guesswork as to what is in what you're ordering. The atmosphere is pretty relaxed, there's usually some kind of sporting game being projected onto one wall, and the whole feel of the place is pretty cozy when it's busy. Which is nice because this place is actually quite large.


Distressed to Impress (ootd)

Photo of Fii wearing distressed Jeans and a Eiffel Tower Tee both from Forever21

Jeans + Shirt are both Forever21

It's agonising when you can't find the perfect pair of jeans, but you see them everywhere, on everyone else, looking absolutely amazing. Like, physically painful levels of agonising. Since Seoul Fashion Week (March, it's now June) I have been searching for the perfect pair of ridiculously distressed jeans - to no avail. They all just fit wrong. Too long in the leg, #shortpeopleproblems, too wide in the leg, not great for the bum, too distressed - I could go on but that would be boring. Anywho, it literally took a friend distressing his own jeans right in front of me to realise 'hey I can do that, too'.

And so I did.

Since Korean jeans just fit that bit really, really oddly, I went to the trusty Forever21 (next choice was H&M but their jeans are weirdly expensive over here), nabbed a pair of jeans that already had the knees slashed so I didn't feel too bad about slashing them some more, and took to youtube to see how other people did it. LaurDIY and JairWoo both have great tutorials :)

To distress the jeans myself, I got some scissors, cut a couple of horizontal lines about an inch or two (2.5-5cm ) apart, and then started pulling at the threads to give it that distressed feel. I cut a few vertical lines too, and did the same again just to mix things up a bit.

So happy with the result - and the jeans are super comfy to boot, so it's win-win all round!


25 Jun 2014

Clubs in Seoul: The Rundown

I've said before that Seoul is the city that doesn't sleep - a pretty brutal national work ethic will do that to a country - but then again, why sleep when you could be out having fun? And by fun I mean dancing into what would be considered regular waking hours by the general public. Clubbing Korea-style is not for the feint of heart or too high of heel.

First things first: I know clubbing isn't for everyone - and for those whose blood runs cold at the thought of strobe lights and loud music, don't worry, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy what Seoul has to offer at night. Though you might want to steer clear of hof's/suljibs and some bars. I just thought I'd start off with what I was most used to seeing photos of pre-coming-to-korea, courtesy of a lot of the seoul youth culture blogs - and debunk a couple of the 'foreigner myths' surrounding the seoul clubs, considering next to 'how do you get a Korean boyfriend?' questions concerning clubs out here are some of the most frequently asked questions I get.


24 Jun 2014

Deli Heinzburg - Garosugil

deli heinzburg garosugil seoul south korea review

If you hadn't noticed by now, I like spending time in pretty places, and I definitely enjoy finding good food. So put the two together and you get a ridiculous amount of time spent in the Apgujeong/Sinsadong/Gangnam area sat in places that serve food. Which is ace. Because foooooooooooooooood.

As with most eateries in the Sinsa area, Deli Heinzburg is small... and popular. They make their own bread and serve some of the most massive paninis and burgers I have seen with my own two eyes, so I can certainly understand why. They also make the oils they use to cook with and pickled side dishes in house (oooh), and their menu is a bit of a laugh if you speak French or German. But hey, French and German on your menu does add a certain 'sophistication' (read: slight pretentiousness) to your establishment. Then again, we are in Sinsa, which is basically Korea's Chelsea, so that 'sophistication' is abundant. However, Deli Heinzburg does like to bring your perceived sophistication down a couple of notches by making you collect your own food (oh the novelty).


23 Jun 2014

Disney Takeover! (ootd)

disney ootd

Micky Mouse print vest: Star101
Shorts: forever21

I have succumed.

It started slowly at first, a couple of cute and quirky pieces in forever21 and the darker corners of shops in Hongdae... then 'Frozen' happened and South Korea embarked on a full-out Disney addiction. I'm talking all your favourite characters on various articles of clothing, but in a non-7-year-old-straight-out-of-tammy kind of way. Like Micky Mouse's body parts - and by body parts I mean hands and arms and ears - artfully printed on your t-shirts in various gestures, the givenchy knock off popping up on sweaters and skirts (I'm still asking why... and then I saw people actually wearing it???), Goofy, Daphne Duck, Minnie Mouse and even the full entourage of the seven dwarves on your tops, bags and hats. It's a full-scale epidemic. A literal Disney takeover.

So what did I do? I hopped right on that bandwagon thank you very much. (What? Disney is cute.)

Have you seen any Disney fashion cropping up anywhere that isn't the Disney Store/Disneyland? What are your favourites that you've seen, or have you seen anything truly mindbogglingly horrific? I'd love to read about them~

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22 Jun 2014

Jane's Picky Pizza/Cafe - garosugil

janes picky pizza/cafe garosugil

Without a doubt, one of my absolute favourite (to the point where I actually feel the need to italicise - it's that much a favourite) places to eat and chill is Janes Picky Pizza. Or Janes Picky Cafe... in all the 'tagged places' it's Picky Pizza, but the sign says cafe and welp now this is rambling. Anywho, I really, really, really enjoy this tiny little cafe tucked away from the main garosugil street. The atmosphere is good, the staff are really friendly and accommodating, the music isn't too loud and the food is awesome.

A w e s o m e.


20 Jun 2014


It's actually a little bit embarrassing that I've been in Korea for nearly a year now and only managed to get to Everland in month 11. Well done Fii, obviously your love for roller coasters is not what it once was... or you're just too lazy to travel to one of South Korea's two theme parks. (Right answer right there.) But now that school is out and I have just under a month left here, I decided that a trip out of Seoul was definitely needed, and where better to go than Everland?


19 Jun 2014

Studying at Yonsei: The super-quick final say.

Super absent, super late, super busy? In any case I haven't been on top of the blogging recently and that fact has actually made me really sad. Other things that also made me sad this month: finishing at Yonsei.

June 13th was my last day at the KLI, and I managed to end it on a high with all exams passed, good friends made, chocolates from my teacher as a 'thank you' for editing some quite questionable English grammar on a medical paper, and a thoroughly mixed bag of feelings.

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