30 Apr 2014

Cats' Eyes and Mirrored Lenses

Summer hasn't exactly made an appearance here in Korea, but cats' eye rims and iridescent lenses...  I'm seeing them everywhere. Everywhere. And now I have a distinct need for a pair of my own. In both styles. Not sure if I want to go for the combination yet, but I can see it happening - soon.

My uber-wants for both styles come from styleNanda. (sigh.) On the mirrored lenses front it's the affectionately named 'point item sunglass' priced at 17900w / £11. The next time I'm in styleNanda I am buying these. I am. For Cat Eye's, it's a toss up between the Anglo-2 in black by Spitfire and Fleur Green by Quay. Neither of them are particularly winged or flicked at the tip like a lot of the more dramatic pairs in this style, but the subtle flick I think suits me more. Unfortunately, at nearly £30 for each (48000w and 52000w respectively), I don't think I'll be running to purchase them any time soon.

sunglasses wishlist

So I've had to do some searching for a couple of Cat Eye alternatives.


28 Apr 2014

Vatos Urban Tacos - Itaewon Branch

Don't let the name fool you, Vatos is not just a Taco place. It's also not especially cheap, by most of Korea's dining standards, but any type of western food tends to be on the higher end of the price range - unless, of course, it's chain fast food. On the whole, I'd say Vatos is equivalent in price to a more up-scale restaurant in England, so not your average wetherspoons type pricing, but not break-the-bank.

Regardless, since my friend Matilda has started waiting tables there, I have been dying to go. Not only because she sings its praises about how lovely it is to work there - always a good sign - but because she and I think almost all of the other waiting staff dine there. And what's a better advertisement for a restaurant than having your own staff actually eat at your establishment. (It's incredibly telling when they don't, to be honest.) So when she suggested we eat there and that we wouldn't have to wait forever because she'd be on the table-list - Vatos is incredibly popular, just an fyi - I practically tripped over my own wedge heels in glee.


23 Apr 2014

Seoul Fashion Week ~

seoul fashion week 2014 SFW FW14

This post has been far, far too long coming and I wholeheartedly apologise. The good news is I've finally, finally finished editing the 800 odd photos I took at Seoul Fashion Week. 800 odd photos taken in 4 days. Although, in all fairness, I would've finished much faster had I not taken to naver to sift through all the Korean fashion bloggers and photographers posts about the same event first - in a slightly vain attempt to find as many photos of myself as possible... Also editing 800 odd photos of very fashionable people kind of makes you want to forget you even went (read: incredibly jealous).

But go I did - and it was an amazing experience and I plan to repeat it in as many countries as I can, since I enjoyed it so, so much. ♥


21 Apr 2014


Sorry that I've not been posting anything recently, I've had a bit of a hectic time personally with family stuff, and then the Sewol ferry disaster happened and it's been so devastating seeing it reported on the news that I haven't really felt like doing much in the way of blogging.

Sorry again ~ :(

8 Apr 2014

Studying Abroad 3: Accommodation

Studying abroad in south korea how to find accommodation

If there's one thing I will definitely, always remember from being in Korea, even when all the other memories start to fade into one massive 'That time when...' type experience, then that thing is the first week I spent in this country.

In short, it was an utter nightmare. A look-back-10-months-later-and-laugh kinda thing, but living it was hell. The actual story is one for another post, which will make me cringe, but the crux of the matter was: the girl I flew out with and I had landed in a new, terrifying country, with no fixed accommodation. And I'm talking no fixed accommodation. Not even for the first night.

I'm just going to let that one sink in.

Because, yeah. Wow.

Stupidly - there really isn't any other word for it, to be quite honest - I'd delegated possibly one of the most important things to sort out to my travelling companion and thought that it would be a-ok. Little bit naiive there but I digress from the actual point of this post. Kind of. But it does bring me to the underlying Golden Rule of Travel:

Never go anywhere without knowing you have somewhere (safe!!!!) to sleep for at least the first night.

I'm looking at that now and thinking, well, duh. And even then I was berating myself for being completely and utterly idiotic - but sometimes important things do slip through the net. Preparing for travel in general is hectic, especially if you are a student on a limited budget and have had little to no information relevant to your situation that you become really very lost.

So I've decided to put together a post that I hope will help anyone wishing to travel to South Korea to study. It's kind of a long post, but I've tried to include as much information as I could that's relevant to finding accommodation as a student. ^^"


4 Apr 2014

March Favourites

Well March felt like it lasted all of 30 seconds... but here we are now in April (4th, oops) and I guess this is my first ever 'Monthly Favourites' type post? I have a couple of things that I've really, really loved throughout March, and I just thought I'd share them with you. ^^"

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