24 Mar 2014

Seoul Fashion Week: photo update 2

Many days of the year I wish that my 159cm frame was just that little bit taller. Perhaps hitting the 5'5"/5'6" mark, rather than being so desperately close to 5'3" but still not quite. But then I think of all the beautiful heels at my disposal to make me magically tall, and think that maybe it isn't soooo bad being pocket-sized.

It does, however, mean that I'm not so good in a crowd. And fashion weeks come with lots of crowds, in fact, I've never actually seen photographers descend quite so quickly upon one subject. It's like a magnet and iron filings - and how quickly they flock. If one or two people start snapping away with their dslrs, suddenly they swarm. It's very interesting, but slightly overwhelming if you're on the other side of the lens. My cat tights and platform boots seemed to be a favourite to photograph today...

Anyway! Here are a few of my favourite shots that I took today~


23 Mar 2014

Seoul Fashion Week: photo update 1

Seoul fashion week 2014 SFW FW14

Aside from the initial "wait what Korea has one??!!!", Seoul Fashion week is in full swing (as well as America's Next Top Model being filmed here?!) - and is being held about 20 minutes from where I live, so in a spur of the moment decision (and by spur of the moment I mean that I'd thought about going since I heard I hadn't missed it a good 3 or 4 weeks ago now...), I toddled off to go and gawp at everything.

Really this is just a very quick update with my favourite photos I've taken today, as I plan to do a more in depth blog post on some of the shows I've managed to slip myself into once it's all ended.


19 Mar 2014

Studying Abroad 2: Yonsei exams

Studying Abroad south korea yonsei kli exam explanation

I'm 2 days away from finishing my second semester here at Yonsei's Korean Language Institue, and I think it's safe enough for me to say that I'm definitely used to the exam system here now. That doesn't mean I find the exams a breeze at all, any form of speaking under pressure - aka being marked on a spoken performance - still sends me into a mini mental breakdown, and I'll always be just that bit under-prepared for listening exams (those tapes are nightmarish); but I'm 90% sure I've sussed the way these exams are marked and how to prepare for them.

So I guess if you're planning to study at Yonsei, or any of the other Korean Language programs the different unis over here offer - since I'm pretty sure they operate on a similar kind of structure, then I hope you'll find this kind of useful.


17 Mar 2014

Liebster Award

leibster award

So finals are over for another semester and something to make my day even better was to come home and see that I'd been nominated to do the Leibster Award by the lovely Ri at generationbeautiful. So thank you!

I know the award carries no weight towards anything, as awards go, and is really just a bit of a PR stunt disguised rather badly as a tag-chain-comment type thing, but the graphic is pretty and I like the sentiment behind it. (Liebster is German for a words in the more beloved sense, sweetheart and dearest, for example, taken from the root Lieb; nice, fondly, welcome, etc.) Plus it's always lovely to know that people read (and enjoy, I hope?) what you write. It's awarded (or nominated, rather) to new blogs - like myeslf - with under 200 followers.

The rules:
  • You must link the person's blog who nominated you for the award
  • Answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated you
  • Pick an additional 11 people to nominate with under 200 blog followers
  • You cannot nominate the blogger who nominated you
  • You must inform the nominees that you have nominated

Questions from generationbeautiful~ below

9 Mar 2014

DNH mixtape showcase at Prism Live Hall: 020314

DNH mixtape showcase live prism hall march 2014

Last weekend seemed to be a weekend of ~firsts~ for me, most of them coming from my trip to Prism Live Hall in Hongdae to see the mixtape showcase of underground-hip hop crew daenamhyup. Let it just be said that I appreciate almost all styles and genres of music, though I have a deep rooted affection for shouty-Japanese rock music, and also Korean hip hop. Or hep hap, as it is sometimes so cruelly translated from the rather shitty hangeul - and yes, that translation does provide endless hours of entertainment even now. All sorted there? Yep, good. Ok.

Disclaiming that this isn't really in anyway a proper ~review~. 


4 Mar 2014

Feb Accomplishments!~

Sometimes I just need to remind myself that no matter how slow it is I am going, and how slowly things change in the way that I want, I am still moving forwards and I am still achieving things. It's a tendency of mine to get bogged down in the not-so-good parts of my life, and gloss over the awesome things that either happen to me, or that I do myself. I also tend to be really fearful of trying new things, and I'm pleased to say that I pushed myself to do things that I wouldn't have said yes to last year.

So here's a little list of my own personal February accomplishments:

  • 040214:  had an extra 2 hours after class as part of a student sample for potential new teachers at Yonsei. I was really scared to do this as I didn't know what to expect, I didn't know anyone, and I didn't want to embarrass myself somehow. - I ended up really enjoying it, and talking to the potential teachers in Korean about Hugh Grant, Notting Hill and road trips, of all things, was really fun. I also got a free book out of it! :)

  • 060214 & 11-120214: midterms D: I was pleased I didn't psych myself out in my speaking exam, as I find that the hardest thing. And lo and behold, I had really ace midterm results!! :3

  • 100214:  I got my hair cut!!!! I hate having my hair cut, well I don't hate having it done, but it generally causes me much pain and grief in England as I always doubt whether or not I made the right decision. So add on to that having to ask for what I wanted in korean... well. Needless to say I was absolutely petrified. But I did it. And voila, shorter, shoulder length hair, that is already growing out now...

  • 140214:  went out clubbing with three Chinese girls. The idea of this completely petrified me, since I'd only really be able to talk to them in Korean while they were able to communicate with each other in Chinese and and and... but! It was probably one of the best nights out I've had! The girls are adorable and it really helped that I could only speak in Korean to them, practice makes perfect after all.

  • 220214:  met up with a fellow expat I'd only spoken to online, really. And yes I know this can be ~incredibly dangerous~. Thankfully it wasn't, she was who she said she was and we had fun shopping times in Myeongdong and Hongdae, and later went out in Gangnam. 

  • 270214: my class won 'most popular performance' after hours and hours and hours of after class practice in the level performance we had to do. So proud. So happy. Such payoff, and an extra bonus for me as I had choreographed half of a dance routine. 

It might only be 6 things, but February is a notoriously short month, and I'm very proud of myself for achieving them.

What did you do in February, or recently, that's made you really proud of yourself? So far the only thing I've accomplished in March is catching a cold. Boo.

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2 Mar 2014

Garosu-gil & edae + mini haul

Oh crikey it's March already. How did that happen?? Also this post is a little image heavy!!

So two of my friends have arrived from Singapore to spend 8 days in Seoul - and like the incredibly organised people they are, they have everywhere they want to go and everything they want to buy all planned out. I wish I had even a tiny amount of their skills because I'd be 326% more productive and motivated. Maybe I should start... make it a March thing...?

For their first day, the girls wanted to go to Everland, one of Seouls' two theme parks, but I'd been told an hour before that that day was a holiday in Korea, and so Everland would be really, really busy. That didn't sound all to pleasant to any of us, so we decided to get some lunch and go to Garosu-gil in Gangnam.

Lunch was kimbap at my favourite kimbap place in Hongdae, Bapuri. It's a tiny little restaurant that does amazing kimbap, as well as noodles, salads and snacks.  The staff are really friendly and the service is excellent. It's also cheap, which is a bonus because the servings are huge.

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