21 Feb 2014

review: Skin Food Royal Honey Good Moisturizing Cream

SKIN FOOD royal honey good moisturizing cream review

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I love winter. I wouldn't say it's my favourite season, since I am a summer baby and my wardrobe is approximately 98% better equipped at dealing with heat than cold, but winter is the season I get to hide in ridiculously over-sized jumpers and snuggle into scarves. My skin, however. My skin does not love winter.

I'm one of those people that never grew out of their eczema, and during the winter time I suffer from a combination of eczema and Very Dry Skin - it makes me incredibly self conscious when they flare up in tandem. Thankfully, in England, I can just pop down to Boots or Superdrug or a supermarket chain and pick up an intensive moisturiser and a little tube of Hydrocortizone cream or Sudocrem for the most problematic areas, and the cumulative price is generally under £10. Unfortunately, in South Korea, I can't really do the same. Luggage restrictions didn't really allow for an industrial sized tub of the stuff, and import laws are stricter than you'd think on prescription-type medicines.

What I can do though, is explore the wide and very diverse range of skin creams available to me over here, which was a daunting enough task in itself, to be quite honest. While I am very well versed on what a lot of the makeup products here aim to do, I am definitely not up to scratch with my knowledge of skin care products.

After trawling the Internet for other people's opinions, I quickly came to realise that a lot of the reviews were for products that are no longer stocked or sold - which saddened me quite a bit, but South Korea is notorious for it's incredibly fast stock change as new technology, ingredients and recipes are formulated. There's nothing like a good bandwagon to hop on in retail...

I won't bore you with the details of how I ended up in Skin Food out of the Very Long List of places that sell beauty products, but I did and I found a moisturiser. ~Achievement Unlocked: Beauty gets! Moisturiser obtained. ~


13 Feb 2014

the quest for macarons and coats.

Hongdae is actually an abbreviation  used to describe the area around Hongik University (홍익대학교 where the "홍" and the "대" are put together to make "홍대"). It's pretty famous for it's clubs, fashion, urban art and indie music culture - buskers and other street artists perform regularly in the evenings. It's one of those places that has something for everyone, unless you absolutely hate people and busy places, since it's popularity means pretty much every day there are a fair few people there.

And by a fair few, I mean a lot. Unless you happen to catch it at a time when the younger generation is still in school, then it's at a fairly tolerable capacity, unlike Myeongdong, which is busy busy busy all the time. 

It's a shame I haven't been to Hongdae more often recently, since when I first arrived in Korea, it was where I stayed before I moved into the flat, and even though it's a measly 15 minutes walk / 5 minutes subway ride away, there is so much more of it than I am seeing. I plan to change this, though.


10 Feb 2014

it's (not really) just a girl thing

myeongdong | chosenpath
Korea is arguably one of the most beauty obsessed countries in the world. It can dispute that all it wants, but never in all my travelling days, have I see so many shops specifically dedicated to the beautification of oneself.  In the UK we have Boots and Superdrug, which obviously contain a lot of the mainstream western cosmetics, and then the department stores have perfume/makeup floor, but I haven't actually seen anything but a brands counter as a concession in the UK, as in, I've never seen, say, a three floor shop dedicated to solely selling Rimmel products.

In Korea though, I can easily rattle off the names of some of the biggest brand stores for cosmetics the country has to offer, and if I flip through a couple of the more ~touristy~ photos I've taken in places like Myeongdong, there are only a handful where there aren't any signs for cosmetic stores. These shops are literally everywhere, on every street, and they're not just for girls.


2 Feb 2014

it's February!!

So it's February, Feb 2nd to be precise, and the last day of the four-day holiday that is 설날. This holiday marks Lunar/Chinese new year, and is celebrated with a ridiculous amount of food and fireworks and ddeok.

When is there a celebration in Korea that doesn't include ddeok? (Here's a hint: there isn't one.)

I didn't actually do much to celebrate the new year, which is probably a cardinal sin in this country, but midterms are soon so studying takes priority over celebration times at the moment. Sigh. Plus the weather was dire and that puts a damper on almost everything in the vein of Going Out and Doing Things. Oh well, maybe next time.

This month, though, I expect to be doing much more, my camera arrives this week (yay!) so it's going to be fun exploring all the settings and trying not to break things... and taking photos of everywhere I go. Or almost everywhere, within reason.

Ahh. I'm so excited.

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