31 Dec 2014

A few of my favourite things: 2014 edition

2014 has come to an end, and I thought that I'd share a few of my favourite things of 2014. From songs to bloggers and trends of the past 12 months. It's going to be a wordy post, but I feel that a lot of the things mentioned here have got me through some really tough parts of this past year, and others have brought me a lot of smiles and a lot of confidence.


29 Dec 2014

NYE outfit inspiration - ft rings from Invaluable

It's the end of 2014 in two days and, well, first: where the hell did this year go? I demand an answer!!! second: that means parties. Lots of parties. And parties means shopping and dresses and above all: outfits.

Because looking good to ring in the new year no matter how drunk you are is always a must. Any and all embarrassment endured will be because of behaviour, and not by how we're dressed, thank you very much. Or accessorised. Unless the accessorising is really very tragic - which it wouldn't be now, would it. But putting all of the oomph into what you're wearing, especially at short notice, like I'm prone to doing, is sometimes so annoyingly hard, and all creativity seems to run away.

So when I was introduced to  Invaluable, and asked if I could style an outfit around a ring of theirs to provide some inspiration, I thought why not - this isn't a sponsored post. Invaluable is an auction site, way more upmarket than ebay, that sells things from collectibles to estates. Most of the items listed are quiiite a bit out of my price range, but I find it fun to look at the expensive stuff and find dupes on the 'definitely more affordable' side of things. Plus jewellery is always a special gift, if you want to get your Christmas shopping done a full year in advance...

You can browse the rings > here <.

28 Dec 2014

Feeling definately spoiled

I think this christmas was probably the most exciting for me, or at least the most anticipated, since I was under 10. I've been utterly and completely spoiled by my family, and I'm so incredibly grateful, since along with the usual Primark socks and pyjamas, I got one of the things I have longed for since I started taking photography more seriously. The canon EOS 700d plus the standard efs 18-55mm lens. I honestly couldn't be happier.

I was also lucky enough to get another thing on my wishlist from my aunt and uncle: Long Clothing's infinity print leggings. I'm slowly building up my collection ready for fashion week. They're also incredibly comfy, I'd really recommend them.

All in all, my family and I have had a really special Christmas to add to a pretty hectic year. 

What did you get for Christmas? Anything super special? 


26 Dec 2014

The gift of giving

How was everyone's Christmas? I hope you were all thoroughly spoiled, and did a fair bit of spoiling your loved ones yourself. I certainly tried this year, saving and scrimping where I could paid off, judging from the faces of my family. It's also really nice to just sit around playing board games with everyone (not monopoly, never monopoly, no one wins at monopoly), since I missed out last year, what with being the other side of the world and all.

I think as I grow older, most of what I wish for in my life is not able to be bought - which goes for a lot of people - so I definitely get more of a kick out of giving gifts and letters and smiles than receiving. I've also been a bit cheeky and none too share-y with my present purchasing this year, just to keep the surprise

very british problems | letters of note | new look jewellery | princess mirror compact| long clothing

I took full advantage of my free uni-provided amazon prime subscription to pick up the two books - you can never really go wrong with a book as a gift - and the pre-christmas/post-black-friday sales on in stores, New Look especially.  I also managed to snaffle some sliiightly less expensive Long Clothing accessories from G-market that are currently sitting waiting to be shipped on to their final destination.

I ended up getting mum some lush bath melts that went down a treat, along with some gift vouchers she can put towards pretty much anything she wants. My dad shot down all ideas for his gifts, so my sisters and I decided to put our heads together and get some tableware - all the mugs - and make some truffles.

So I think I did quite well this year, on the whole. A super pleased family is a happy, game playing family (apart from monopoly), although I think we've all had a bit too much Prosecco to be taking anything seriously anymore. Not even the 5 hour Downton Abbey Christmas special.

Oh wait - snow!

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21 Dec 2014

Christmas Baking Adventures: Mince Pies

What is a Christmas without mince pies? It's a sort of tradition in my family that we homebake at least one batch. a task usually undertaken by my little sister. This year though, in the spirit of blogmas and giving my sister a break as she tackles her essays, I thought I'd make some. 

I used the BBC good food recipe found here, an easy one that only takes an hour to make, including prep and cooking. There aren't a lot of ingredients required, hopefully all of which are in your kitchens around this time of year. 


18 Dec 2014

Home Comforts

Essay done, spell checked, edited, turned it electronically, handed in on paper. Much exhaustion, much relief. It means I've finished this semester of university and can finally allow myself to get all festive. I've bought some presents, some awesome wrapping paper from paperchase, cute boxes, tags
and writing paper for Christmas/New Year letters to my international friends. I do love a good letter.

So I'm back at home for the Christmas period, which is lovely after so much time away. I was greeted by a fully 'Christmassed' house, courtesy of my little sister, as she decorated top to bottom when she got home last week. Most of our decorations are horrifically garish, but we love them all the same, since we've had many since my sisters and I were very small. The tree got an update this year though, gifted baubles in unified colours (red, silver and gold). Dad also made my favourite of his 'secret' recipes that he's promised to give me one day: carrot cake.


16 Dec 2014

'You have to be willing to work hard to get it'

So this is probably the most un-festive song to come out this month but, aside from the fact that I do love a good bit of edm (ta, Korea), and that Avicii pretty much provided my soundtrack to the first half of this year, I really like the message.

"When I was 16 my father said that you can do anything you want with your life, you just have to be willing to work hard to get it."

I'm lucky enough to have parents that are incredibly supportive, although I haven't always seen it, they've helped me get where I am today, and help pick me up when I feel like I can't. They encourage me to fight for what I believe in, and have taught me that to get anything worth having, you have to work hard.

Which, in today's day and age, is something that I think is being forgotten.

Not to say that I don't think people work hard, because I do, I just think people have misplaced the idea that success requires a foundation being laid, and that it doesn't just happen overnight. Which isn't a bad thing either - it's motivating.

when thunder clouds start pouring down
light a fire they can't put out
carve your name into those shining stars
he said: 'go venture far beyond these shores
don't forsake this life of yours
i'll guide you home no matter where you are"

What songs have been inspiring/motivating you recently? Do you like avicii's tracks?

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13 Dec 2014

Dear UK coffee chains,

image from: japan food style
We need to have a little chat, coffee shops of the United Kingdom. Don't worry it's nothing serious, just...

I'm lamenting the fact that I have used my very last sachet of green tea latte powder I brought back with me  from Korea. Why, you ask? Because it's not a thing in here in England.

Especially not Starbucks.

Why, coffee chains of the United Kingdom, must you deprive me of the steamed soy-milky, matcha-y goodness of a green tea latte. I'd even be prepared to pay premium prices to feed this addiction that a 13 month stint the other side of the world has given me. Honest.

I wouldn't even moan.

Well. I wouldn't moan much, which is a great concession on my part! I moan about everything!

Even if it's just a seasonal drink - a red-cup christmas drink with too much whipped cream, or a summer drink with ice cubes so cold you freeze your hands - you'd make many of us with the craving for matcha ridiculously happy on a disgustingly extreme temperatured day.

So as I swirl my mug of green goodness in front of my laptop, my notes and the x-factor final, I do so with great sadness and the knowledge that if I want more to satisfy the cravings, I'll have to wait a good few weeks, suffer through elevated prices and possible import/food charges.

Thanks for not a lot, coffee shops of the UK.


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12 Dec 2014

Blogmas 4 day catch up post!

Lost muse, Bagel Day, Vlogmas binge & Snow!

I've been in a bit of a creative rut these last few days, add on to that being none too well (yay winter viruses) and a bit irritable (yay interrupted sleep) and you've got a the recipe for a Discontent Fii. I don't like being in that state at all, and it only adds to my irritability and more illness as I try to be productive and disrupt my sleep schedule beyond repair. Seriously, I'm almost nocturnal.

So, other than constant essay editing (submitting it Monday), I've not been up to a spectacular amount - kind of a theme for Uni students around this time of year. Everyone else is frolicking around in the cold while I'm sat inside with a word document and an ominously blinking cursor as I try and make my 3000 (ish) word essay the best 3000-ish words it can be. When you're not feeling well this can be a bit of a chore... but at least I'm inside where it's warm and dry,

And where I have bagels.

8 Dec 2014

My 10 best exam revision tips

Exams are right around the corner, and for many students with modular exams like myself, they loom horrifically over the Christmas period. You really want to sit back and do absolutely f*ck all over the break, but the presence of them sits heavy in the back of your mind and it's stressful.

But it doesn't have to be. In my experience of sitting January exams, the times where I've panicked are the times when I don't know the course content well enough. I'll have a general idea, an overview, but my in-depth knowledge is patchy and incomplete. The times I've sat in an exam, confident and collected and ready to write are the times when I've known exactly what I was doing - and a large part of that is down to the effectiveness of my revision.

Revision is, very often, boring, time consuming and plagued by procrastination. It can be a horrific use of paper, ink and memory space - but when it comes down to it, effective revision gives good marks. And as much as you can feel that you don't want to do it and you don't care (thoughts I've had, and given in to many, many times before), when the results reflect your effort in times it really matters, it can shape your life. And by 'shape your life' I don't mean good grades = better job (because that isn't always the case at all), I mean it can help you in your working life with things like time management and organisation.

I've found that revision and revising in general can be quite a personal thing, what works for me may not work for you - but trying other people's techniques can sometimes help you find other ways to revise. It might not, and a lot of you may look at me like I'm crazy... but hey, I've done alright so far. A lot of triumphs and a couple of utter exam disasters have taught me a thing or two about effective revision vs cramming.

Ok I've waffled on long enough (am I helping you procrastinate yet?), on to the tips!


7 Dec 2014

Blogmas day 6 & 7

Most of the last two days have had me sat inside, avoiding the cold and the wet and the wind as I essay edit. So nothing much has really happened that's especially blogworthy. Other  than meeting with a friend I haven't seen in aagess last night. Much catching up to do with that girl, love her to absolute pieces. We were originally going to go into the city centre, and get some amazing pub food and chat, but that was apparently too far for our freezing selves, so we went to the student's union to eat.

photo credit: interval cafe|bar facebook 

I haven't explored my SU properly since I got back to Sheffield, which is a shame, it's been voted best SU in various polls for a couple of years straight (#humblebrag), even when it was being refurbished in my 1st year. So it was my first time setting foot in the Interval, It's a really nice space, and doesn't feel like you're in still in the union at all. Very swish, sophisticated and festively decorated for the Christmas season.

Mezze plates and side dishes were the meal of choice, which arrived in good time. I wasn't expecting anything amazing, since it's Uni food, and therefore affordable and, well, we're never really expecting much from uni food.

Sunday's been good to me, I've had some great news (which will also be great for the blog, yaayy!!!), have managed to pretty much finish this Uni semester assignment wise 11 days early, and caught up with one of my closest friends abroad. Now I get to relax, travel, relax some more, and indulge with a cup of tea, curled up on the sofa watching all my guilty-pleasure shows. Ahhhh. 

What have you been up to this weekend guys? How are you all doing? Good and not too stressed, I hope.

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6 Dec 2014

Gift ideas for Mum & Dad

My parents insist every year that they don't want my sisters and I to spend our money on them. Or at least my dad does. It kind of ties in with the fact that my older sister, my father and my younger sister all have winter-month birthdays, and it can get quite frustrating thinking of gifts for two gift-giving occasions. But this year is a big year for my parents, especially my dad - so I just can't follow through with the no-gift-giving thing,

However my parents are both really hard to shop for. We've done the 'generic' gift thing on a budget:  all the gardening books (at mum's suggestion), gardening tools (wow the motivation was real. - not.), cookbooks, humour books, mugs ... and that was just for my dad. My mum is even harder, she doesn't wear makeup or perfume, she works so much that she doesn't really get time to devote to any hobbies, and she's cut all unnecessary sugar out of her diet. It's frustrating to know that I don't really have to say much to mum or dad about gift ideas for me, they have some freaky parental intuition/sleuthing skills that are exercised and I'm never ever disappointed, but when it comes to them I feel I don't even know them as people.

So if anyone is in the same predicament as me, I hope this is a tiny bit helpful.


4 Dec 2014

Blogmas day 4: My Ultimate Xmas Wishlist

You know when there are some things you want, like, you see and you're all 'oh I'd like that', and then there are some things you really really want? Yeah, this wishlist is the latter: my Ultimate Xmas Wants. The list where, when I strike something off, it feels like I've unlocked one of those super hard achievements in games. Like, congrats, Fii, you've managed to earn that thing you've wanted since xxxx. 

So I guess this is Dear Santa? Or Dear Mum & Dad? Or just a straight up apology to my bank account. Well.


3 Dec 2014

Baking Adventures: Mug food Madness

I am obsessed with mug food right now. Completely and utterly obsessed. Not like, cup o' soups or mug shots, but the sweet treat desserts and quick fix meals that are perfect for the wintery months. I've trawled the internet for recipe after recipe, trying out the ones I especially liked the look of, with a couple of explosions and outright disasters along the way. What? Nobody's perfect.

But! Despite having to clean my microwave more regularly than I've ever had to do before, I have found some smashing recipes. Super moist, super tasty, and above all, super easy. Hardly any prep time and cooked in a few short minutes. In a microwave. No waiting around or preheating your ovens! Baked goods if you don't have an oven! Could I be using any more exclamation marks right now!?

If you're a student like me, want a quick fix mid-essay, or have just got back from a full day of lectures and the thought of cooking makes you want to curl up and cry (because we're all too poor for a takeaway), then mug food is the answer. They can be adapted to work for a range of diets too, plus you can mix up the 'extra' ingredients around the base for variety.

Basically mug food is life.

Provided you're not eating it as a substitute for meals with actual veg and protein and stuff, 'cause that wouldn't be clever.

Anyway! Recipes!


2 Dec 2014

Fairisle (ootd)

jumper: missguided
dress: ebay \ similar
boots: new look
scarf: was a christmas gift last year

I'm really sorry that my last two ootd posts haven't actually had me... wearing the outfit. I'll get that sorted for my next one, promise. Anyway, if that jumper looks familiar, you are right, I picked it up last month and am loving it. Pastel farisle patterning is how I want all my christmas jumpers. 

The dress, however, I got on ebay over 2 years ago now, and have worn exactly once before this. Mostly because I never had an occasion to, but now I am trying to think about not needing an occasion. and wearing things because I want to wear them. It's a much better mindset. The dress is a little sheer though, so I wore it with a longline vest underneath, for modesty's sake. I also can't find the exact style on ebay anymore (it has been 2 years...) but here's a similar one. I also seem to have these patent Chelsea boots permanently attached to my feet at the minute, Can't be a bad thing, they're ace. 

What were you wearing today?

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1 Dec 2014

November Haul! (Missguided, ASOS, New Look etc)

It's my first December on this space and I thought: what better way to celebrate finally getting to month 12 of 12 was to put myself under an extra amount of pressure and stress and do this year's Blogmas.

And in true Fii style, we might as well start off the new month with backtracking through the last month, because essays and awkward delivery times meant that I couldn't post this yesterday, when, you know, it was still November. But! The Xmas elves have been nice to me and so I bring you my November collective hall.

Everything in this post was bought with my own money, I'm usually between a UK 6-8 in sizing, though I tend to get an 8 because boobs (girl's, you know what I mean). All sized products in this haul are a UK size 8. Picture heavy! 


30 Nov 2014

The 'Make-up' Tag

The lovely Jessica over at Judy Rudy Beauty tagged me in her  'make-up tag' post, and I loved reading about her day-to-day make-up and skincare habits, so I thought that I'd follow through with the tagging and divulge a little about my own. 

I'm in no way an expert beautician or aesthetician, and I've only really started looking at what I'm putting on my face closely in the last 2...ish... years? And I had an overhaul of my skincare with going to Korea, not quite at the legendary 10 step routine yet... but there's still time. 

Anyway, if you want to answer these questions, please do!!! 


27 Nov 2014

Grey Skies (OOTD)

h&m black skinny jeans (the £9.99 ones, similar here)
primark longline thick knit cardigan

'Tis the season of essays and deadlines and copious amounts of tea and (de)motivational posters to remind me that Sleep is for the Weak. Which means jeans and longline knits and t-shirts that are easy to wear and go with anything. Simple outfits. Cropped tees, though. I like to feel that I made some sort of effort during the day (even if I haven't at all and my hair is a mess and no don't look at me like that please.), who cares if it's a 'crisp' 5 degrees C outside. 

I'm not going out anyway. Too busy researching.

p.s. Happy Holidays to those of you across the pond, 

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25 Nov 2014

The Sheffield Style Show

Not a lot happens in Sheffield, in all honesty. Or if it does then chances are I've probably missed it because I heard about it too late *insert super sad face*. But when the Sheffield Style Show rolled around this month, (Nov. 23/24) I jumped at the chance to go.

Staged in the stunning Royal Victoria, the Style Show provided small boutiques and online stores based in Sheffield to showcase their Autumn/Winter collections. A couple of local beauty experts were also invited to showcase products they sell too, for a well-rounded, perfectly bloggable opportunity. Despite being only a small venue, and a bit hard to get to, there was a really good turnout for the first day.


23 Nov 2014

The Party Dress

'Tis the season of sequins and sparkles. Ish. It will be very soon, anyway, and all our favourite stores are bringing out their especially bedazzled outfits. Plunging necklines, stunning open backs, glitter and iridescence everywhere. 

This season can also be especially fraught and a bit of a hellride to find that perfect party dress. So many shops to trawl, so many designs to toss onto that 'nope' pile. So many times that you find one that could be a contender, and it's horrifically out of budget...

But there are those that offer regular discounts, or dresses at amazing affordable prices, so I thought I'd share some of those with you today.

Now, onto the dresses!


21 Nov 2014

Winter Outfit Inspiration

With the sun setting at what can only really be described as mid-afternoon up north, the nights getting longer, and everyone mutually curling up in blankets in front of  the fireplace (or curling up in your duvet with candles and fairylights), I think it's safe to say winter is upon us. Some more than others (stay safe America!), but most definitely here.

So I've put together 3 winter-inspired outfits that I think are really cute for the coldest of seasons, following along a couple of the trends from this years fashion weeks and some of my favourite items I've seen when out window shopping.


17 Nov 2014

6 Important things being at Uni has taught me (so far)

I was originally going to do one of these sort of lists at the beginning of the academic year, when everything is new and fresh and exciting - but then I thought it'd be better to use it as a motivator for when the honeymoon period has worn off and the hard work starts.

Uni is tough. Not just in the step up from whatever courses you took before starting, but also in the fact that you're (possibly) away from your parents for the first time, there is, generally, a lot more responsibility on you as an individual. New places, new people, new experiences. It's OK to admit that it's hard, it's also definitely OK to admit that you might not be doing as well as you thought, or even that you're doing better than you expected. I'm two-and-a-half years into my degree now, and I've certainly picked up a couple of major life lessons, plus a few lesser things that are definitely going to help me when I eventually have to stop being a student and become a 'functioning' member of society.

Sort of.


15 Nov 2014

Sister times in Durham

After my Aunt and Uncle came to see me last weekend, I thought I'd do a little bit of travelling myself. Usually, as many of you know, I'll jump on a train to London, but this time I decided to go the other way, up to Durham to see my younger sister. She's just started studying at the university, the clever girl, and since I haven't been to Durham for years, I thought it'd be nice to go and pay a little visit while catching up and spending some long overdue sister-time together.

Clearly, the weather didn't much agree. It chucked it down for the majority of the day, and my train was 55 minutes delayed getting there. Yay. But get there I did, and the joyful bundle that is my little sister greeted me at the station so we could go and explore Durham. After food. And seeing her college.


13 Nov 2014

What I'm reading

In the time I have been at university I can't even count the number of times I have picked up a book that wasn't related to my degree course on one hand. And that's not because the number is so large that I have forgotten, or that, in general, it is an impressive amount. Nope, it's because that entire phrase indicates that there is a quantity, however large, that would be counted. The opposite also implies that there is a quantity, however small, that would be counted. I'm quite ashamed to say that I have no quantities to be counting. I haven't read a book that I haven't had to reference for about 2 years*.

*no, the F&*k I'm in my twenties book doesn't count as it's an interactive journal. 

Which, when you think about it, is really sad. Then again, none of my modules at uni have been worth less than 20 credits, and each 20 credit module is equivalent to 200 hours of effort. So that's 600 hours per semester, factor in sleeping, eating, socialising, essay writing (+ referencing), societies and other hobbies... and well, you've not got a lot of time left for curling up with a good book.

So I have decided to set myself a challenge. I shall read one book recreationally by the end of this year. Just one, since there aren't many weeks of this year left and biting off more than I can chew wouldn't be ideal.


11 Nov 2014

A blushing review: Pink Cloud, Rose Gold, Pixie Pink & Pink Apple

Until this year, I have never owned a blusher. Never. It's not something that I've felt the need to own, despite being very much in the camp of #teamGhostSkin, and having to battle with 'Oh are you not feeling well?' etc. questions every single winter. I guess the main reason is that I've never really felt like adding colour to my face, scared that I'd get it wrong, or that people would still ask if I was unwell purely because I had more colour than usual.

Now, I am a lot more confident. I'm still not a pro at application, but I do have 3 very pretty, dusty pinks, and one that was definitely an impulse buy, in my make up collection. Just to add a little bit of colour to my cheeks in the winter time.

The blushers that I'm going to review & swatch for you today are:

- Sleek's   Rose Gold
- Sleek's   Pixie Pink
- Natural Collection's  Blushed Cheeks in Pink Cloud
- Nature Republic's   Botanical Apple Dome Blusher in 01 Pink Apple


9 Nov 2014

Tiny desserts and All The Food - U buffet Sheffield

My Aunt and Uncle came up to Sheffield for the weekend as a 'little surprise', since they haven't seen me properly (as in, not via skype) for over a year. And that's actually a really long time and I missed them immensely. Their little trip also brightened up what has been quite a stressful week for me, but I got to show them around my Uni city, go and see Stomp!, and chat over a wonderful meal -- which is what I'm going to talk about today. U buffet.

U buffet has only been open since July, so it's really new. I see it every time I walk into the city centre, and I've honestly never seen it without diners... well, dining. I've wanted to try the food there for a while now, so my Aunt and Uncle coming to visit was the perfect 'excuse'. Although I don't need an excuse to go.

The location is great if you're a 'Uni Of' student, It's on West Street, opposite Walkabout, and I think the closest tram stop is City Hall. The restaurant itself is absolutely massive, which, for some places, can be a blessing and a curse; you get a lot of patrons in, but it becomes really, really noisy. U buffet doesn't suffer from this, it's large, the tables are quite close together in some places, but you can still have a conversation without raising your voice. The size is also quite handy, because U buffet provides its diners with possibly one of the largest menu choices I have ever seen. Ever. Ever ever.


7 Nov 2014

New Boots!!

I have been looking for the perfect pair of heeled Chelsea boots for the longest of times. It's a thing that's pretty much been a permanent feature on my Birthday/Christmas/Treat list, and I was losing hope of ever finding some that would strike that particular wish from the list.  I can just be really, really fussy about my shoes.

But then I walked into New Look, only really in the mood for browsing, until I walked into the shoe section and I saw a pair that were so absolutely, perfectly me that I had to have them.

Oops that I'm ~not supposed to be buying things~.

They're so pretty though. It's justified. I'm not at all trying to convince myself.


5 Nov 2014

What I'd wear: boohoo.com 'new in' november

AW 2014 is in full swing now, transitional pieces have mostly made their way off the shop floors and web-spaces to make way for the new collections. I find it really interesting how the high street adapts the runway trends to make them more accessible to the everyday person, especially the online retailers as their stock changes more rapidly than a traditional bricks and mortar store.

So, if you hadn't guessed at all yet by the title, I've spent far too much time on the boohoo website, doing a bit of window shopping in their ridiculously extensive new in tab. There's a lot going on in there -- pretty much all trends you could be rocking this autumn/winter are covered. I'm pretty sure there's something for everyone.

I am also very aware that my wardrobe this season needs a colour injection asap. But hey, black and white goes with everything.


2 Nov 2014

Halloween 2014

I love halloween. Sure the actual concept of the holiday has been pretty much lost now -- it's much less about celebrating festivals or remembering the dead in most places that celebrate, and more about how ace your costume looks. Also sweets. Also alcohol and parties.

And a brilliant chance to play with makeup and create some amazing looks.

So what did I decide to go as for my first halloween party this year?


31 Oct 2014

October 'Haul'

Considering the end of October is, well, today, I don't really think anything else is going to magically appear in my possession other than what I've already purchased this month. So this is probably the tiniest haul in the history of the word... but I'm going to share it with you anyway. I went to superdrug and boots, which is one of my favourite things to do at this time of year, seeing as they have 3 for 2 on so much. It makes buying annoyingly expensive things a lot less painful.


27 Oct 2014

Baking Adventures: Matcha scones

I've always wanted to make green tea flavoured things, I love the taste of it, and having something that is naturally coloured is always a bit of a crowd pleaser. So when my flatmate put 3 packs of matcha powder on the kitchen counter this morning upon my return from London, I was thrilled.

Pinterest, of course, throws up many a pretty picture to accompany the matcha/green tea powder recipes, so picking what to bake was hard. Initially, my flatmate wanted a swiss roll style cake (pandan chiffon cake, if you will), but we didn't have all the ingredients to hand (you can possibly expect one to turn up soon...), so we decided that scones were a better option. As you do.


24 Oct 2014

Seoul Fashion Week SS15

photo by RealStreet - edited by me for post purposes

The second installment of some of my favourite street fashion shots from  Seoul Fashion Week SS15. It's a combination of days 1 through 5, featuring some of my absolute favourite models.

There's something about the fashion-conscious Koreans that is so effortless. I never used to believe people when they said they could 'instantly pinpoint a person's nationality from their outfit'. Fashion seemed far to fluid to me for that to be a thing, and yet, now, I'm seeing it.

***As with my last Seoul Fashion Week SS15 post, none of these photos are mine, all photographers are credited where I can, and no copyright infringement is intended.***


22 Oct 2014

K-Cosmetic Favourites: The Sheet Mask

When it comes to facemasks, there are two camps -- the supporters and the skeptics. For me it depends on the claims, the price, and whether or not I'm feeling particularly swayable. I'm talking the clay-type masks here. The little sachets or tubes that come with the liquid you smear all over your face and get all over your hands, those masks.

And then I went to Korea and was confronted with an entirely different phenomenon: the Sheet Mask.

And then I've never really looked back since.

I've also decided that I definitely have favourites, and I want to share them with you. :D


19 Oct 2014

Seoul Fashion Week SS15

photo by Sean O'dell  -- edited for post purposes by me

I am not jealous. Don't be silly!! I'm not. I'm honestly not spending hours on my instafeed, double-tapping all the sfw photos I come across. Shush. You're being absurd. 90% of my tumblr dashboard isn't photos of the pretty, pretty models dressed in pretty, pretty clothes, and I totally haven't tried to find every behind-the-scenes photo from the First Ever 87mm show.



I'm simply admiring all the photos. (Lies, so many lies.) But if anyone is offering to fly me out to Seoul for two days (or next season) I'd be on that plane so fast you wouldn't even be able to say Fii. There's something about Seoul's fashion week that I am so in love with it is painful to not be there.

So today I am bringing you some of my absolute favourite street style posts (so far) from the brilliant photographers that I'm having to live through vicariously. And also possibly introduce you to a few people you should definitely follow.

***none of the photos featured in this post are mine - all photographers are credited and no copyright infringement is intended. I simply want to share some stunning photography***


18 Oct 2014

Alexander Wang x H&M

Oh dear me. I've known about this collection happening for ages, (read: April),  it feels like I've been waiting for the collection to drop for literally my whole entire life  (major exaggeration), because I am a shameless Alexander Wang fangirl. Shameless. One day, when I'm not a poor, unemployed student, I'll be able to actually buy the shoes and the bags and the RTW collection... one day. 

So yes. the collection doesn't physically become available in stores for another three-ish weeks (November 6th, if you want to stick that in your diary), But I've taken a look at the at the lookbook that was showcased the other day, as well as the capsule collection in full, and well. Well. I can safely say that it blew all my expectations out of the water.

In a bad way.


13 Oct 2014

Current Loves~

I've missed the favourites boat for september (it seems odd if you're talking about things you loved in the last month a third into the new one... just me? Okay then), but this post wouldn't really fit into a ~monthly favourites~ type thing, seeing as I've been pretty attached to a lot of what I mention for a good while. I just... currently love them still? Am a tad bit addicted, to say the least.

I do love it when bloggers talk about things they love, especially if they're not things that they mention often, or where they get their inspiration from. It's a great thing to relate to, and I tend to find a lot of new things when I read posts that don't require me to spend money. Or a lot of things I bookmark for future reference, like DIY's, organisational tips, or seasonal posts that are so, totally not relevant when I find them, but will come in handy in the future.

So this post is really an amalgamation of a bunch of my favourite youtubers, blogs, tumblrs, miscellaneous random things, and sources of inspiration (which doesn't include weheartit) because I'm in a share-y mood, it's been raining all day, and I like reading these posts when I find them.  ^w^


11 Oct 2014

Autumn Outfit Inspiration

We're settling quite firmly into the autumnal season. Crunchy leaves, colder nights, the threat of Halloween (and then Christmas) on the horizon as shops add the sparkly stuff far too early. All the new American TV series start airing...

I really like autumn as a season, although my skin certainly doesn't. And, despite my wardrobe being certainly more prepared for the warmer months, autumn is actually one of my favourite seasons to dress for. So below the cut I've put together 3 outfits that I think would be really nice to wear during the months of autumn.


8 Oct 2014

Sushi Express: Sheffield

I am a lover of sushi. Well, Japanese food in general, really. And, luckily enough for me, Sheffield has 3 restaurants that sell sushi in the city centre, and those at Meadowhall, which is great. Lots and lots of choice.

Although my firm favourite is Sushi Express. It's also, completely coincidentally (although not at all) where I went for a meal yesterday, after not dining there for over a year. Oh how I missed you, Sushi Express.

It's a bit tucked away, if you're well versed in Sheffield nightlife, it's quite close to DQ and Corporation, if you're not, then it's about five minutes past Devonshire Green. The location is actually quite nice, it takes you away from the noise of the trams, general traffic and people noise, but close enough to West Street so if you fancy a drink afterwards, you don't have to walk very far. The staff are attentive and really accommodating, and the restaurant itself is really pretty, in a kind of minimalistic style. They refurbished when I was away in Korea, so last night was the first time for me seeing the new layout - and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed.


3 Oct 2014

September Haul! (dropdead, primark, boots, superdrug)

I don't really do enough shopping in one go to warrant doing individual retailer hauls, since I'm trying to save the majority of what I earn have (someone employ meeee!!!!) and feed myself each month (#studentproblems), so I think monthly roundup hauls are the way to go. I'll probably be eating my words in three months time but hey. Things that were added to my life in September are what you want to see, not me rambling away.


29 Sep 2014

LFW Day 3 - Street Style

Day 3 was David Koma, Vivian Westwood Red Label, Preen, Pringle, and of course, the Topshop Unique show. It was also the day after Shrimps and Julien Madonald - all those dresses - so the street style around the venues was definitely on point. Fashionistas pulling inspiration from the two days of shows prior, to put together some absolutely fabulously fabulous outfits.

Yes fabulously fabulous is the only way to describe them.

There were only two Day 3 shows at Somerset House, which is where I spent most of the day (apart from a few hours spent at Oxford Circus for window shopping), and being a sleepy Sunday, there weren't an awful lot of people in the morning. But once we returned to watch the David Koma show on the big screens, so did a lot of others.

As with all my fashion week posts, warning for image-heavy content.

26 Sep 2014

MOTD: mint orange (#castmemarc)

#castmemarc .

He's doing another twitter/instagram casting. No really. So I might as well take part.  I like taking opportunities, even if there is an incredibly slim chance that I'll get chosen from the hundreds of thousands of stunningly beautiful people in both the instagram and twitter tags. But trying doesn't hurt. It's one of those things in life when you need to just stick your neck out there and, well, upload a selfie to instagram and hashtag.


21 Sep 2014

LFW Day 2 - street style

Nope, you haven't missed a post, my LFW 'Day 1' was 'Day 2' for everyone else. I was in London for the first day, but despite travelling down to the city relatively early, I was absolutely shattered by the time I got the keys for the flat and was definitely not in the mood for going anywhere other than Victoria Station to pick up Matilda. Ok ramble over. Photo time.

Usual warnings apply for my fashion week posts, they're all ridiculously image heavy, but hey, that means lots of pretty photos to stare at! All photos were taken by me (those that aren't are to follow).


19 Sep 2014

The Food Series: Mexican Food - Sheffield

I'm always up for finding new places anywhere, and I really enjoy sharing the good places that I've found, as you can probably tell. There are so many great places to explore all over the world, and while it isn't exactly my mission to find every single one, I can at least bring you a couple of my favourites. *cat face emoji* So if you're ever up Sheffield way, and are having a craving for Mexican food, I've got you covered with this post.


18 Sep 2014

Chat time, the pre-LFW post.

I'm back from London Fashion Week, and pretty permanently in Sheffield for the foreseeable future (although plans are already being made to travel soon...), which is nice. I feel a bit more grounded now, safe in the knowledge that I'm not going to unpack, only to have to fill up a suitcase again in a week or two. I love travelling, but sometimes you need to take a break, you know?

This weekend, obviously, was London Fashion Week. If you've managed to somehow miss that memo, then I think some congratulations are in order. I mean, it's been in practically every UK newspaper. It's paraded all over London with banners and posters with 'London Fashion Week Exclusives' in that oh-so bold font type. So if you have somehow avoided it, I'm sorry for bringing it to your attention now. Sort of. Not really.


8 Sep 2014

That time I ended up on Real Street Seoul (OOTD)

I think one of the greatest honours for me so far has been to end up on the naver blog Real Street. (This entry, more specifically.) It's a really nice feeling to be stopped anywhere and asked for photographs, to have people complement your outfit. *big smileeeeeeee*


4 Sep 2014

#tbt: Seoul Fashion Week

With London Fashion Week in 8 days (really, is it really next week???), I thought I'd have a bit of a #throwbackthursday and take another look at things that went down fashion-wise at Seoul's, with a couple of my favourite street style shots. And in the next post a little look at a few of my favourite Korean brands?

(You may have seen a couple of these photos before on my blog but hey this time I'm actually writing about them!)

Fair warning that this post is also very image heavy!

1 Sep 2014

Guided Journals: Super Fun or Waste of Money?

If you follow me on instagram, you'll have seen that my most recent purchase was the ever-brilliantly titled 'F*ck I'm In my Twenties'. It's a 'guided' journal by Emma Koenig, published by Chronicle Books that follows on the current almost-trend of 'interactive books'.


21 Aug 2014

How to deal with 'coming home'

So I'm back in England. Welcomed by rain and temperatures of an 'amicable' 17 degrees celsius (that's cold, thank you very much), plane delays and the transpennine express. It's nice, being back in a country where I don't have any communication problems (other than people telling me to 'talk louder'), but it still feels like I've left something behind or like my right arm is missing. The 'home from a year abroad' feeling. That odd 'displacement'.

It's kind of like 'post-concert/festival/holiday depression', but so much more intense. It can also be really difficult to deal with - talking to a lot of students that have studied abroad has shown me that - but there are ways that you can lessen the blow from 'crippling emotional turmoil' to 'an easy transition between countries'.


14 Aug 2014

SaengSaeng Donkasu (Edae)

Sat in the same price range as Han's Deli, SaengSaeng Donkasu is another restaurant I'd recommend for those who want to eat out, but eat out on a budget. It's located towards the lower end of the Edae shopping street (the one with all the makeup stores), opposite Nature Republic and on the 2nd floor. It's doesn't have the most stand-out of signs, but that doesn't mean it isn't good.

In fact, it's rather more a hidden gem.

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