8 Jun 2017

Gingham, bows, and body confidence

uk fashion blogger how to wear gingham summer ootd inspiration
There's something about gingham that immediately makes me think of summer. It's the same sort of thing that makes me associate tartan with autumn and winter, which means that somewhere down the line I've bought into a very effective marketing strategy aligning my checked pieces to one particular season. Historically it's probably something to do with fabric weight...

But before I start tangent-ing about what was used in different parts of fashion history, let me show you one of my favourite new additions to my wardrobe. The gingham top of dreams.


1 Jun 2017

A little whimsy

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I haven't done a proper ~fashion haul~ post since I've come back to Korea. I've done various beauty hauls, but fashion is so much harder to do right now. Maybe because I'm minorly (chronically) lazy, and I don't have the Good Tripod with me, the one that actually supports the weight of the canon, but also because it's not exactly the easiest thing to ask your fellow teachers to take shots... and all the photographer friends I know don't live in my city - they're Seoul proper.


Seriously, it's a lot easier to be a consistent fashion blogger if you have someone super close (and decent at photography) to take shots for you. Oh well.

[photos by project_s_way]


29 May 2017

10 good things in May

positivity in blogging 10 good things
Well, May has been a month. I feel like I've been all little wrung out emotionally since the start, even though nothing bad has happened to me personally. I think I'm still trying to get used to being energetic for 6 hours a day. As I said in 10 things I've learned in my first month of teaching, if you think this job is gonna be an easy ride, think again. 

The fact that I've not been particularly consistent here or on my youtube is also contributing massively to my 'meh' mood. I love this space so much, and I hate feeling like I'm not taking care of it enough. If anyone has any tips for blogging or creating videos around a full time job, please share them with me!! Also, if you'd like to see anything specific as video content let me know too~ I'm definitely going to be vlogging UMF Korea, and things I get up to during the summer. 

May hasn't been all tragic or 'meh' though! I've been busy going out and doing things and meeting people and making new friends and still wishing I lived in Seoul proper. So have 10 good things that have happened this month, since I'm all about focusing on the positives.


24 May 2017

Caron Heim Macarons

where buy macarons south korea
Macarons are having a bit of  a moment in Korea right now. They've always had the underlying popularity that comes with the slight decadence and French Patissiere extravagance, but recently the number of bakeries that make them (and make them well) has boomed. No more Paris Baguette disappointments~ Score.

One such bakery is Caron Heim (caron_heim on instagram, or 가롱하임 in hangeul), which is a beautiful little independent business based in Bupyeong, Incheon. 

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