29 Jul 2016


black lace maxi skirt summer outfit inspiration

Excuse my slightly reflective skin, before these shots were taken I hadn't seen outside for about 3 months** and what is sun in Sheffield?? Paleness aside, I love outfits that make me feel like somewhat of a badass gothic/vampiric princess. Black lace?? Hell yes! Red lip??? You betcha. I like keeping my wardrobe somewhat fluid and diverse (I doubt I'd be able to stick to a capsule format), so that I really do have something for every occasion.

Like being summoned to the gates of the Underworld when the sun is shining.

**That may be an exaggeration, but dayum those last three months of uni were tough.


24 Jul 2016

Hello from the Other Side

graduation hat toss

So that's it, we're done and graduated. Winced at that £45 to hire a hat and a hood and robes that nearly suffocated me on more than one occasion, didn't fall over on my way to accept my degree, got to float around in the prettiest ASOS dress I could find to celebrate the fact I got a 2.1 honours after 4 years of blood, sweat and tears. 

It's weird to think: come September I won't be making the pilgrimage back to the steel city to set up home in another flat for another year. I won't be lugging books and binders and flasks of cooling tea to class or the library to try and fit as much as I physically can about East Asian politics and the Cold War and the Rise of China and its untold consequences on the region and Korean Business strategies into the space left by new words and phrases and definitions. 

It's weird that: this is the end of my stint in education and I have far more freedom than deadlines and coursework and essays and no I can't I shouldn't I have to study's have ever allowed before. 

I'm a sentimental person and I have so much love for university and my experience that I feel I need to be brutally honest with it - about it - to help me transition into a place of peace as this era of my life ends and a new chapter with fresh pages begins. 


21 Jul 2016

Travel Diary | Austria - Kaprun

uk travel blogger diary austria kaprun

It's been a while since I've visited Austria. Beautiful countryside, beautiful cities, beautiful weather(ish), beautiful, beautiful, beautiful in general. This trip was to a little town in SalzburgerLand: Kaprun, for a week of high altitude, walking and ... more than  a few surprises. 

SalzburgerLand is quite close to the German/Liechtenstein border, a tiny fraction of the area also bordering Italy - Austria, lovingly landlocked, shares its border with 8 other countries in case you didn't know - and Kaprun is wedged in the heart of it. 

19 Jul 2016

Soft Touch

how to style fluffy top uk fashion blogger

I've been wanting a fluffy/fuzzy/furry crop top (or top, or jumper, or short sleeved fuzzy top...) for an absolute age, and have never been able to find one that I've loved enough to consider getting after I couldn't locate the cream-white half sleeved one that sparked the obsession. I've yet to actually rediscover that particular gem, but I found something else instead. It's pretty much verging on being the antithesis of what I was originally lusting after, but I think that's why I was drawn to it. 

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