16 Feb 2017


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No word of a lie, it snowed on the day of this shoot. Legit snow. Freezing temperatures and snow. But, I braved the wintery weather to give you a little sneak peek of one of the possible outfits I'll be wearing to Seoul Fashion Week this season (so you might see it again, albeit with variations, sometime soon). It's also probably one of my current favourite combinations, despite it being horrifically seasonally inappropriate. 


14 Feb 2017

Two Giveaways - with love from me to you

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It occurred to me, recently, that I have been doing this blogging thing for a little over three years now. That's quite a while, really, to be writing up my ramblings and posting them on the internet. That's also quite a while, really, for people to sit and read, then even respond to said ramblings on the internet. 

So, considering I've finally had the time to actually sit down and sort out things amidst the hell that is moving (and packing) my life to move across the other side of the world again, I'm here to say a massive, heartfelt, kind of really soppy THANK YOU for your support so far. 


Thank you so much, it honestly means the world. 


3 Feb 2017

The Huge Announcement: I am moving!

moving to south korea in 20s

I've been a bit cryptic in the last month and a bit over on twitter, instagram, and a little on here. It's been really hard to keep this announcement a secret; each stage I've passed that's got me that bit closer has been so exciting. But because the size of the move, how many factors there are and hoops to jump through, and how many things can go (and have gone) wrong, I've been reluctant to announce it on here. Just in case it all went tits up and then I'd have to un-announce the whole thing.

(Also, if I ended up not going, I think it would actually crush me.)

But!! We're out of a very murky and wildly frustrating grey area, so here we go:

I am moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


31 Jan 2017

Language is important

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It's such an important thing, language. The way we use words to express ourselves, describe our surroundings, make sense of what's happening. We look to people's use of language to help us understand how we are supposed to react to a situation; are they using words to express joy, sadness, fear?

Language is a powerful tool. The nursery rhymes sung in childhood to deflect harsh words undersold this power - sticks and stones may break my bones, but words? Words will seep into your consciousness through repetition, they will shape actions with the intent behind them. They legitimise, they ratify the 3am thoughts of self-doubt, the thoughts you feel you can't say in public. 

Language changes over time. Certain words become more, or less, nuanced; the definitions warp, sometimes reclaimed by the groups they were once slurs to describe. Language is immensely powerful in dividing people, both through barriers of understanding and through disagreements in ideology. 

Language is also incredibly powerful at uniting, 

But it is all about intent
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