19 Jan 2017

Wishlist: Currently Coveting

january collective wishlist uk fashion blogger
We might be dealing with some of the most wintery weather to hit our shores in a while, but the sales are slowly winding down and the new, transitional lines have started to hit the rails. SEASONS ARE CHANGING in the fashion world. It's that breath of fresh air after stewing yourself in Christmas jumpers and fleecy pyjamas, it makes me feel really inspired to put together new looks, and consider updating the old wardrobe with some new pieces.

Though this time around, I'm definitely looking at items that will work with what I already have, and that I'll get a lot of wear out of. I didn't purge my wardrobe to fill it up with trend-led purchases and things that were impulse buys. And I definitely don't want to end up with more things I've bought and never worn again.

So with that in mind, here's a wishlist of 'new in' items that I'm currently coveting.


14 Jan 2017

Fashion and Beauty goals 2017

attainable beauty and fashion goals for 2017

2017 is going to be A Good Year. I have decided. Not necessarily 'my year', because hey, we're 14 days in, and I'm not making any grand statements that I might look back on in 6 months and think 'well that's gone monumentally tits up'. But I'm definitely setting myself targets this year. As with my life/blog/youtube goals, nothing is a fixed point, a number to reach and sit back on and go 'yes this is a thing that makes me feel good', instead I'm looking at progression from a starting point: forward movement. 

And this forward movement is something that I really want to see in the way I approach my wardrobe and my dresser. 

So let's talk fashion and beauty goals for this year, which may sound like a bit of an odd concept, but stick with me ok?


11 Jan 2017

High Street Dupes for Designer Shoes

high street dupes for designer shoes
It's been a while since I've talked shoes. I was going to say solely shoes, but even I grimaced at how bad a pun it was, so, you're welcome. But it has been a significant length of time since I've dedicated any blogspace to a footwear edit... so let's change that right now and talk designer shoe dupes

As a self-confessed shoe lover, I do get a little thrill over seeing new styles hit the runways, the instagram pages, and ultimately the high street. Not all of them are my cup o' chai, but the appreciation is always there. And it's really interesting to see which styles take a veritable grip on the fashion world and become, pretty much, ultimate shoe staples. But at designer prices, it's a little eye-watering to see how much these go for (if that's your price point... fancy spotting me a pair or two?), and oftentimes I'm scouring the etailers for the best dupes. Someone's gotta do it. 

Most of the pairs I've listed here have been around for a few years now, but the dupes 1) have got much better and 2) are way more plentiful, so there are more options for you to shop styles you like!


8 Jan 2017

How I store my makeup: Ikea Moppe drawers

makeup storage small medium collections ikea moppe drawers

Makeup storage: the reason clear plastic shelving, that is somehow deceptively small, can be priced at upwards of £15 even on websites like amazon and aliexpress. Even the little paper desk tidies have spiked significantly. I've spent a lot of time in the last few months or so looking at the various options available to me, watching far too many makeup storage videos on youtube (the size of some peoples' collections is honestly intimidating) for inspiration and recommendations. 

I decided around the middle of December that I was going to get the best value for money for pretty decent quality from Ikea; sturdy, minimal upkeep, reliable products, and I can take it back if it isn't right, I don't like it, or if there are any problems in the future really easily. 

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