22 Jun 2016

That's The Spirit

summer outfit inspiration band tee uk fashion blogger

There are days when I don't feel particularly fab. Recently, those days have been increasingly frequent, which isn't always outwardly obvious, and I'm hoping that as more future-type things fall into place, the un-fab days will start dispersing again. At the minute though, I'm having to face things head on, because time waits for no woman and I have things I (begrudgingly) have to do. And, as Bring Me The Horizon say: That's The Spirit. (Also, so does my dad.)

photography credit: Hannah

20 Jun 2016

Beauty Review | Missha Sheer Fluid Blusher - vivid coral

review missha sheer fluid blusher vivid coral uk beauty blogger

Coral coloured blush products are perfect for summer - especially if you're warm toned and looking for something a little bit more peachy than pink. And I'm always on the lookout for something more peachy. Korea made me a massive fan of blush with a hint of orange, or full out orange, it's such a cute look I've become slightly obsessed, steadily collecting corals to add to my collection of rounds and palettes. My latest addition is the Missha Sheer Fluid Blusher in the shade Vivid Coral...

and I'm so so in love.


18 Jun 2016

Food For Thought

Shein summer ootd grunge outfit inspiration

The past two weeks have been A Lot. The end before the end of uni, adjustment, the start of big, massive changes, excitement and a bucket load of nostalgia. Sprinkle a liberal amount of self-doubt, confusion, and incidences that have happened this week and it's tipped into overwhelm. Again. 

The weather (awful, basically lost a week) and the news (also awful, what the fuck, humanity???) have made me be a lot more introspective, since there's not a lot to do when it's chucking it down and I should be packing. 


9 Jun 2016

Undergrad to (Un)Employed

undergrad to unemployed journey to graduate employment little miss fii

I'm passing through a pretty big milestone right now - as are the rest of class of 2k16. Finishing exams, coursework, assignments, projects, any assessed piece of work that dictates the numbers on that worryingly expensive bit of paper. And, as I'm wont to do, I thought I'd document my transition from undergrad to... (un)employed, because I don't trust statistics and am all for sharing struggles in life. Plus it's always ace to know that someone is going through the exact same, slightly demoralising struggle of finding someone to give you long term employment in a job that you actually enjoy. 

Especially if you have no real idea what it is you want to actually be doing, in the long term, in all honesty. 

I'm open to a lot though, and really eager to learn, prospective employers who may have found this by either googling my name or me telling you I blog. 

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