26 May 2016

(Blogger) Brunch at The Hive Wellbeing London

the hive wellbeing london review matcha latte

I missed the first blogger Brunch that Laila (Tapeparade) hosted, so I was absolutely adamant that I would be at the next, dissertation be damned. Thankfully, she was kind enough to make it (or dates coincided) after term had ended, so FAB NEWS THERE. Exploration: London (part whatever this is now) is go!

Quite a number of us had RSVP'd, so the location of brunch was changed and we ended up at The Hive Wellbeing to accommodate for all our vegan/vegetarian brunch needs. 


23 May 2016

Stalling Burnout

how to manage burnout uk blogger

Sometimes you just need a break. This time of year, almost every year, I've done something that my parents would consider 'reckless' or mildly stupid, close to exams. Usually it involves running off to somewhere, forgetting responsibilites and doing something that makes me so ridiculously happy so that reassessing, resetting and recalibrating is less of a chore and more of a change of pace. My approach to aspects of my life is a little 'all or nothing' - fab because I throw myself into things with all the enthusiasm, terrible because burnout comes twice as quickly and hits twice as hard.

So that break was this weekend. The end of assignments (other than exams) for life. Dissertation done, essays done. The wind down at the end of 4 years of uni and about 14 of solid education before that, with the transition into the real world. I'm allowed to be a little bit reckless.

19 May 2016

Summer Dress styling tips*

Tips for styling summer dresses uk fashion blogger

It's officially staying light outside till late, exam period is nigh and I don't have to wear tights, so naturally I'm thinking about summer and wardrobe choices and potential graduate holidays (and not the potential graduate jobs) with summer projects. If the new year is the start of new things, then the transitional period into summer is when we remember what it's like to be excited and actually enjoy things. 

Or it is, at least, for me. 

As a summer baby, and having a wardrobe mostly full of warmth-and-warmth-only-appropriate clothes, I feel that dressing for the middle months is something that comes quite easily to me. People get a little more adventurous with prints, cuts and styles and it's really fun to see. And as much as maxi dresses swamp me I do like the option and not freezing. So for some early summer styling inspo I've put together a few outfits. 


16 May 2016


lockshopwigs review sylph style mahogany

As a human, I think my hair is quite important. Some days it feels fab, others... not so much. And as someone who suffers from trich too, especially when stress is high, the 'other' days are sometimes really, really frequent. And then there are the other 'sometimes' when I just want to look completely different and confuse everyone, 

Enter Lockshop.  

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