24 Sep 2016

Street Style at London Fashion Week

normcore street style london fashion week

I only managed to get to one day of LFW this SS17 season. Life, trains, why you do this to me? It wasn't the busiest of days outside the Brewer St. Show Space for me, but I managed to catch a few shots of outfits that I really liked from the Fash Pack. I prefer the days when you can actually get some decent shoots rather than having to dodge traffic every three seconds. 

22 Sep 2016

Korean Beauty Explained: Cushion Compacts

how korean cushion compacts work
Cushion compacts - that is, foundations, blush, bronzers, contours - are all the rage right now, aren't they? Everyone, from Lancome and Dior to L'oreal and Topshop, has one on offer, and they're creeping into the makeup bags of people everywhere. 

For some, they're a gimmick, or handy depending on your camp. For others they're quite baffling considering we already have so many other types of base products at our disposal. 

So what makes them different? Why did they become so popular in South Korea and why are they flooding into the Western market? 

20 Sep 2016

Double the Buttons

cute autumn fall outfit inspiration uk fashion blogger

ALL THE BUTTON DOWN ITEMS. And by all I mean two. But they're pretty important items in this outfit to be fair. I refuse to let go of the a-line skirt trend. And the denim jacket has made a return since the weather is getting colder. Finally. 

And as a summer baby that's something I never thought I'd say. 

18 Sep 2016

How to Survive Freshers' Week

how to survive freshers' week at university
It feels so surreal to not be travelling back up to Sheffield this year. I'm officially Alumni with no uni email and limited access to JSTOR, watching the lower years update their status' about moving back to uni. Part of me is itching to go and relive PopTarts one last time, but the majority is content to just sit back and watch the carnage that is Freshers Week unfold through the wonderful mediums of Facebook Photos (pre-untagging) and Snapchat. 

And share some wisdom on How to Survive Freshers Week (or Fortnight). 

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