8 Dec 2016

Week 1 #Blogmas / #Vlogmas favourites

best of blogmas vlogmas 2016 first week december
The fact that so many people are doing blogmas or the youtube equivalent of vlogmas, in varying forms, is making me ridiculously happy. Although I wasn't planning for a stressful december, I've got one, and setting aside time at the end of the day to catch up on everyone's Christmas-y happenings really helps me to switch off, wind down, and not thing about how hard I'm going to have to adult the next day. 

(It's a scary amount, some days.)

But, with so many people doing daily or weekly content creation in the name of all things festive, it's hard to either find time to read or watch everything, or even work out who you'd enjoy reading or watching in the first place (especially if it's your first year). Especially as there are a lot of really fab creators that don't necessarily have the reach of Christmas Queen, Zoella. 

So I thought I'd share the bloggy love - it is Christmas afterall - and list a couple of my favourite blogmas and vlogmas posts so far from the first week of December.


7 Dec 2016

GIFT GUIDE ft small businesses

small business gift guide
Gifts are sometimes so hard to buy. Especially when you've got brands chucking you 'the best products for x relative or y friend' at you left, right, and centre, and the dread of panic buying sets in. I've seen some absolutely fab gift guides floating around the blogosphere this year (faves so far down below), and even though it's a pretty saturated area, one more won't hurt. 

Especially if it's some fab finds from small businesses and etsy. 


5 Dec 2016

Black Friday buys

black friday haul uk fashion blogger
Black Friday. Whether you're a fan or a think the whole thing is a fad, this year we were inundated with promotional media (all those emails) to entice us into spending our hard earned cash. There were some pretty good deals around, and it's always a little mini fist-pump moment when your favourite brands announce that they're offering a black friday promotion, or something you've been hankering for comes down in price. 

I wasn't planning to spend a lot over the Black Friday weekend, but I did pick up a few things that I've been wanting (and saving up for) for a while. Oh, and that I absolutely love. 


4 Dec 2016

Making memories when you're not that festive

how to be festive when you're not feeling it
It's the first holiday period I've had since I was tiny that isn't immediately followed by exams, or marred with the impending sense of doom that comes with assignments and essays and by taking a break you're not doing enough work. It's the first Christmas I've had where I genuinely get to relax -even though I'll be working retail during the busiest time of the year - and actually enjoy spending time with the family rather than everything being tinged by assessed pieces of work.

It's really, really freeing.

But... my family isn't exactly the most festive.

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